Bad SEO Practices for London Businesses to avoid in 2020


Bad SEO Practices to Avoid for Small Business in London

Bad SEO practices can cause Google penalty for your website if you don’t avoid it. Are you tired of facing failures in your SEO?

Don’t worry, and you are in the right place to learn about the bad SEO practices to ignore in 2020.

Next few minutes, you will be aware of the mistakes that you have been doing for so long. In this post, I’ll be sharing you the list of bad SEO practices that you should avoid.

Let’s get started!

What’s Bad SEO?

Bad SEO practices

If any SEO strategy that is not following by Google webmaster guidelines and they are unethical or outdated, so consider as bad.

SEO may give some output, which can affect your rank instead of optimising it.

It would help if you did not practice bad techniques that can hamper your SEO ranking.

Now What?

Are you thinking that how do I know if an SEO agency or experts are doing bad SEO practices or not?

Don’t need to worry. I have listed the list of tactics are consider as a bad SEOs.

12 Bad SEO Tactics to Avoid for London Small Business Owner:

Bad SEO Tactics

1. Duplicate Content:

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is an essential thing that should be avoided.

Your content should be unique, as duplicity has no place in the competitive scenario.

You must see this example of duplicate content penalty-by Google and see after fixing what result is coming.

Look at it:

duplicate content Google penalty

To getting top of the search engine result page, your content must be unique and high quality that helps your audiences.

In a few cases if duplicate content looks useful for your website, then it’s essential to “no index, and no follow” those pages to be on the safe side.

2. Keyword Stuffing:

Keyword Stuffing

To optimise your content using the keywords repetition acts as an SEO spoiler.

It makes your content less attractive & less user-friendly.

Often it is considered as algorithm manipulation by the search engines, hence creating a danger for your SEO.

Keywords look good in the title, and at the same time, it is acceptable in descriptions & opening paragraphs.

3. Building Low-Quality Guest Posting Backlinks:

Low-Quality Backlinks

Guest posting is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks to your website.

It must be done carefully. Otherwise, it could degrade the quality of your SEO if you don’t follow the relevance and authority of a guest posting website.

Guest posting on low-quality websites that can break your SEO and your site might get Google penalty for those backlink building.

To be in demand, you should publish your post on high-quality websites.

Always go for the quality Link to build from the guest posting strategy.

4. Accepting Low-Quality Guest Post Content:

Low-Quality Guest Post

You can grab the attention of your audience, only by making your content more original and more relevant, if your writer is capable of doing that then only allow it.

Producing more and more original content is highly beneficial for your SEO. Still, it’s essential to keep in mind that the content created from the website must not exceed the material offered to the website in exchange for a link in the author bio.

5. Cloaking / Invisible Text:

Cloaking SEO

Bad Cloaking is considered one of the worst practices regarding SEO, which must highly be ignored. It is the method of hiding the real destination of the link from your audience

The audience must not confuse between the contents and ads.

6. Too Many Ads Above the Fold:

Ads Above the Fold

One of the most important reasons behind your low ranking could be a large number of ads just at the beginning of your page (especially above the fold).

Too many ads also make your audiences lousy experience as well.

Here is the best example website for it:

website Ads Above

Google often penalises the websites for this.

Whenever you encounter a decrease in your traffic, it is generally due to the page layout.

7. Paid Links (of all kinds):

Paid Links

Success demands hard work & patience, and there is no shortcut to success, so to flourish your website & blog, you must avoid shortcuts as much as possible.

It is considered as a foolish act of SEO which is paid links.

You should ignore buying backlinks for your website and blog.

It would be best if you focused on relevant, high-quality backlinks to get a natural way.

In the online battlefield, buying a link will result in nothing but lowering your rank, as Google is an expert in identifying them.

8. Not Using Google Webmaster Tools:

Google Webmaster Tools

Utilising the webmaster tools of Google for your SEO is one who could help to improve your ranking.

Webmaster tools come with lots of information which you require to optimise your existing content the right way and make them SERP beatable.

The most helpful feature offered by it is, you could quickly identify and rectify the common errors in your content.

9. Having a lot of Outgoing Links:

Outgoing Links

You must protect your website from becoming a link farm, do not fill your sites with so much of outgoing links without the “no follow” tag.

So much of outgoing links can hamper your hard work.

Using ‘no follow’ for unethical ads, comments, and website links is considered as a good practice for your SEO.

10. Slow or Unavailable Websites:

Slow website

In the digital market, speed matters a lot.

There is no option to be delayed if your website takes more than 5 seconds to load, and it is unavailable at the point of times, then no one can save you from being last.

Choose the right hosting provider and advanced CMS ( eg.Wordpress) to help you out in these situations.

They would increase the output of your website and make it available 24/7.

11. Disavowing Spammy Backlinks:

Disavowing Spammy Backlinks

Good backlinks improve your SEO while unethical backlinks are unaffordable for your SEO rankings, but the neutral, low-quality backlinks have a nil effect on your content.

What are the backlinks called Spammy?

Look at this infographic to learn more:

Spammy Links

The way of identifying whether a backlink is unauthorised and rank- lowering for you is when you notice some actions against your website from Google.

Unless you notice any action from Google for the backlinks, you are on the safe side.

An example such backlinks:

Abnormal amount of links

In the race of getting a good ranking, even one per cent of threat is not accepted.

So disavowing the neutral links protects you from any form of risk and therefore helps you in progressing.

At first, you need to download the list of backlinks from Google search console.

You can see the example of disavowing below:

Google Search Console

And next, you must remove the quality backlinks manually, or you might use the Ahrefs SEO tool to check, how the relevancy and authority of those backlinks.

Once you are done with the backlink research and compile the list of bad quality backlinks, you can then submit the file in the right format(txt or CSV) to Google Disavow Links.

Look at this:

Disavow Links

12. Making Too Many “Small” SEO Changes To A Website:

SEO Tactics

On the Internet, there is a high demand for unique and fresh materials. But it doesn’t mean you should make frequent changes in your SEO.

Making numerous changes then & now, will not help you in your SEO rankings.

It will discourage your visitors.


So by summing up all the points, the best SEO can be achieved only through our creativity and hard work.

Avoid the practices mentioned above as much as possible, and the improvement would be in front of your eyes.

Benefit your content through the available resources (Google webmaster tools) as much as you can.

It would help if you shared this article with your friends on the social network to get more aware of bad SEO practices.

Do you want to see how your website SEO score right now?

You might not know if any bad SEO was done for your website before.

You can take advantage of our FREE SEO audit to get your website SEO status today!

If I have missed any other point so, please let me know, I’d happy to update the post as per your suggestion.

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