What is Domain Authority? (Updated For Moz 2.0)


Domain Authority by Moz

Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score which describes the relevance of a website in its industry and also predicts how well the website ranks in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

The score for Domain Authority ranges from 0-100. The higher the score, the higher the rank of a website. Domain Authority is developed by Moz. It is calculated by keeping other factors on the mind such as linking root domains, and the number of total links.

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Voice Search Optimisation Guide 2019

Voice Search Optimisation

How to Optimise For Voice Search? 2019 Guide

A report from Cision suggests that voice shopping market which is currently valued at $2 billion will hit $40 billion by 2022. The report also says that by 2020, 55% of the homes will be using smart speakers.

Another report from Comscore predicts that by 2020 almost half of the online searches will be voice-based. There is 35 times growth in voice search since it started in 2008. In 2018, only 1 in 5 searches was voice based.

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Top UK Digital Marketing Agencies on Clutch

top uk digital marketing agencies

BestSEO4u Top UK Marketing Agencies on Clutch

Here at BestSEO4u, our team is made up of experts who are truly the best in their field when it comes to mastering and adopting the latest online marketing trends. We believe that good ideas are definitely worth going the extra mile for as we look to give our clients the competitive advantages they need to remain successful.

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How To Create A Link Bait For Your Site? (Full Guide – 2019)

Link Bait

Complete Guide to Link Baiting In SEO

If you are running a website then you need traffic because without traffic your site is literally of no use. One of the best ways to generate a lot of traffic to your site is through search engines.

Traffic from search engines is also known as organic traffic. Getting organic traffic isn’t easy because Google uses a special ranking algorithm to judge the popularity and relevance of a website before ranking it at the top of the search results.

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Top 7 Tools To Easily Manage PPC Campaigns Like A Pro

Top PPC tools

Top PPC tools

PPC is one of the most profitable forms of digital marketing and almost every business uses it to generate more revenue online.

If you regularly manage large PPC campaigns for your business or on behalf of your clients then you must have proper knowledge of the right PPC tools in order to effectively manage and optimize your ad campaigns.

Start using the below 7 PPC tools to supercharge your PPC campaigns.

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4 Steps You Need to Take Today To Protect Yourself From Ad Fraud

Ad Fraud Detection
Protect Yourself From Ad Fraud

Your overall digital marketing spend is cut short of its worth due to Ad fraud. Many advertisers are still unaware how big the problem is and they wrongly think that their business won’t get affected by Ad fraud. Whether you are advertising on Google or Facebook, you are definitely prone to losing money from Ad fraud if you fail to take proper steps.

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