Content Marketing: Amateurs vs Professionals

content marketing amateurs vs professionals

We live in a do-it-yourself world where self-taught people expand their capabilities and tackle very different tasks. In the world of entrepreneurs, many acquire IT and marketing skills, in order to be able to promote their businesses without using professional services all the time.

It makes sense to want to do more all by yourself – to preserve your budget instead of spending it on such services. But successful businesses of all kinds still employ professionals or experts.

Is this really about how much time and money you have on your hands? You may be tempted to think that one who has enough funds will have no problem with spending on professional IT and marketing services. Or, one who lacks the time will resort to this. There is more than meets the eye, though.

What is content marketing for businesses?

Every business needs to promote itself online to be successful. So far, the best way to do that is by posting relevant and high-quality content regularly on the platforms you are using on the Internet (website, blog, social media, apps). However, having content is not enough. It needs to be structured in relevant ways, to be written smartly and to be published in the most appropriate places, to put it shortly.

A content marketing specialist will not only organise the content that’s being created but also give it a direction. He/she will generate an initial structure, which will be altered according to the needs and performance, adjusted to improve the results and fit the goals. It’s about bringing new ideas to the table and about taking existing ideas and transforming these into concrete steps. It is thus a complex job that gives real value to content creation and distribution.

Content marketing = online visibility strength

First of all, a business cannot survive and thrive unless it becomes (and stays) visible to the public. The best way nowadays is online, of course. For that, you need at least some basic IT skills, but what do you do when your competitors are strong and well ahead of you?

Roughly said, what can amateurs do when the arena is dominated by well-honed experts? If you want to be competitive, you have to know very well what you are doing.

Online visibility is achieved through continuous work. It calls for well written interesting posts (ad copy, blog posts, articles, stories and so on), for a well thought-out plan, for business analysis and modern tools of promotion.

The tools that content marketers use

Here is what makes a huge difference: professionals employ a range of tools that make their work precise, efficient and highly valuable. From measurement tools to content distribution ones, they make use of what’s both new and efficient on the market.

To know that, it takes a lot of research and trial. Most people never have the time for that. You need tools to analyse data, to figure out the current performance and many more. To the average person, there is just too much effort and time spent on that, but the professional already knows what to use for top results.

Follower/subscriber management

Did you know that part of successful content marketing is to know your follower base really well and manage it? It is because it’s them you have to market the content to. You must identify a target audience and create content for them, and of course, you must work with those who already keep an eye on your brand (your followers and subscribers).

Content creation that drives sales

Experts have defined the traits of good content: engaging, entertaining, interesting, fun, useful. Imagine the skill and knowledge it takes to generate such written pieces. Sure, anyone can have a try at it, but how many will manage to rise to leading levels?

A content writer has a tough job and the ones who are successful clearly made proof of excellent capabilities. If you are confident you can do that on a regular basis, go ahead; but if you’re not, you should hire someone to do this for you.

It’s an exhausting job. Ultimately, it’s the content that makes or breaks your business – it can convince people to buy from you or chase them away, looking for a better prospect.

Business sustainability

What a professional content marketer can do is to create a long-term strategy for contents. This way, they can derive brand and ROI growth. Amateurs, at best, make a week-long strategy by scheduling posts but that is certainly not enough. Anyone can do it.

You need to envision goals as well as the steps that lead to their accomplishment. You must include whole campaigns in your strategy. A true marketer thinks ahead, for at least the whole year.

That is going to make a real difference in how content and activity flow. Instead of wasting time and/or money on short-term, irrelevant tasks, better invest in a macro plan that will drive big results your way.

Create a bond with customers

You may be smart and well versed in creating content, but your sole focus may be your business alone. How many other businesses have you closely observed and analysed? There is a slim chance for the non-professional, no matter how ambitious, to figure out what the top competitors do and what their strategies are.

The big brands in your industry have already built a solid customer base; people always check their updates, watch for the novelties and buy regularly from their favourite brands. You want to reach a similar level but how do you get there?

You need someone who can create and nurture those relationships with customers, who can keep them reading, interested and engaged, who can make them return. When you have succeeded in gaining their trust and attention, that’s when your business grows exponentially.

How not to be an amateur?

So far we have shed light on several aspects that make the pros stand out, such as tool use, customer relationship investment, ROI growth etc., but one major and most important difference between amateurs and pros is about how they view success.

The professional envisions the ultimate goal of greater sales, with everything else as steps in reaching this. The amateur takes one step and, if successful, stops. Then he may take another step, with without any connexion to the previous.

Some people worry that content marketing services are a big expense but even that isn’t true when you consider the mentioned aspect. Therefore it’s even more beneficial financially to invest in someone who can work for the long term and for the bigger goals than to spend on ‘patches’ of work that may not yield much after all.


The benefits of content marketing are many and you can enjoy these if you hire someone skilled to do the job. It takes time, experience and knowledge, so you are better off if you leave the work into an expert’s hands. To sum it up, let’s see what you can expect from well-done content marketing:

  • A vision for the future through a long-term comprehensive strategy
  • It creates real digital assets for you
  • Your brand becomes an influencer
  • People begin to trust it
  • You can keep your customers (building loyalty)
  • It inspires the decision to buy in visitors
  • It is 62% cheaper than traditional advertising
  • It generates at least a double amount of leads
  • Businesses using it get a conversion rate that is 3x higher than before
  • Is 72% more lucrative than magazine advertising
  • 69% of marketing specialists prefer content marketing over mail advertising and even public relations.

You don’t have to invest in content marketing permanently. You can simply commit to the first year of growing your business and see the results. It represents an efficient approach even or businesses that have succeeded in attracting traffic yet have not made many conversions yet. It is a frustrating and bewildering situation that can be turned around with the highly focused efforts of content marketers.

You can ask us about what can be done. We will do out best to match your requirements and business specifics to what we know and what we have used with great success for our clients.

Get in touch and hopefully, we can help you understand that marketing is not a constant uphill struggle and a step-by-step fight, but a vision taking you to your goal.

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