Content Marketing for Online Business Success

Content marketing business success

Content Marketing is about knowing your audience and the best ways to reach it. It is concerned with what, how and where to post. It turns well-written content into successful texts that get your customers. Thus, the content marketer job is a very important one.

However, you too can learn a few things about how to employ its strategies and how to grow your business profile and revenue. Check the explanations below – these will expose core knowledge to you so that you can understand what all is about and give a quick boost to your online marketing efforts.

Can content creation bring you revenue?

Of course, all the big businesses (and not only) have published amazing copy and convinced an impressive audience. Well written articles, blog posts, landing pages, newsletters etc. can talk in such a way about a problem and a solution, about a product, about a situation you’re in, that you feel compelled and inspired to buy.

So what is Content Marketing?

We understand that the term may be confusing to some. Content Marketing is about creating and distributing high-quality content that is relevant to the ones who find it. Its purpose is to attract a highly relevant audience – meaning the ones that might really be interested in such content and especially in what it has to sell.

The purpose, in the end, is not only to sell but actually to establish a solid relationship with the readers. This makes the readers return and invest more in the given brand. Generating traffic isn’t too hard when you have the skills to create great content and use a most suitable platform.

The challenge is to get this content in front of exactly the audience that you envision. It is of no use to have an article read by thousands of people if none of them is interested in your brand, in your products or services.

Long-term Content Marketing strategies

It’s not a good idea to just think of what you’re going to post for the next weeks and when exactly. Sadly, so many people just do this – they schedule several posts ahead and think they’re done with their strategy.

That is in fact very far from what is required. A real content marketer spends time and energy creating a plan for the long term. It could be for a year, for example. This involves not only posts to be written and their schedule but also the platforms to be employed, the advertising, the promotions and so on.

Results show up only when you think and work like this instead of irrelevant short-term goals that don’t really do much. Once again, you see why it is so relevant to have a dedicated specialist occupy this position.

Creating content for new tools and platforms

The Internet is quickly developing and trends follow one another. Now Facebook is king of social media, the next day it’s Instagram. People like to discover and use new tools that provide them with some kind of novelty.

When something like this proves its value, users migrate to it and so do businesses. You have to follow the crowds if you want the leads. Stay updated on the latest trends and sign up when there’s a new platform, social site or tool that gathers crowds. It will be an extra change for you to make your brand known and to promote yourself. It could actually be massive.

Do not be mindless about this, though. You don’t have to be always on the look for such novelties and sign up for every new invention. Wait for a little and see which release truly becomes successful, then you can jump on the bandwagon.

If you are unsure about what to use, consult with a Content Marketing specialist and they will choose the right platforms for you. The choice will also depend on the kind of business you have and the type of consumers you target, so it’s not a simple decision.

Writing a great headline

In many cases, online success starts with a good title. Have you ever looked at a list of titles on a site or blog and only a few compelled you to click and read? We’ve all been there – we’ve been presented with several different headlines, yet only one or two grabbed our attention.

What if the other headlines were hiding a better content? That is impossible to tell unless you click, but our time is limited and we can only do so much. What we are trying to say is that we always act selectively online and sometimes the criteria is as ‘shallow’ as a good title.

Here is where Content Marketing begins. Right there, with the headline. It has to be relevant, interesting/intriguing, eye-catching. It has to stir some emotion (it can even be a negative one).

Good headlines don’t just come out of nowhere. It takes much knowledge to craft one that is going to get clicks. First of all, it takes a lot of research, marketing know-how, some psychology knowledge and a great familiarity with the topic.

Now perhaps you understand why experienced content marketers are left in charge of everything. They know what to do in order to attract readers and to get them to click on your article/news/blog post etc. instead of skipping it for a more compelling one.

Nurturing customer relationships

Perhaps you have already attracted a sufficient amount of traffic and even some customers. If you don’t take care of them, you will lose them, as another business is waiting to grab their attention.

Content marketers generate long-term strategies that cater the brand’s relationship with its customers. What would happen if you had readers pay attention to you but then you post nothing relevant to them for several months, or you quickly jump at them with an in-your-face sale attempt?

Most likely they will be disappointed and run away. Instead, you should nurture the relationship by providing useful and interesting posts regularly, starting polls and contests, asking for opinions, giving a few freebies and so on.

That keeps people engaged with your brand and increases your chances of selling more often, to more individuals. Your content must make them realise that you really know their needs and you are trying to provide solutions to their problems.

Consistency and teamwork

First of all, content marketers are responsible for the content to be published. They must ensure that consistent work is done on a regular basis in order to grow the business and promote it.

Also, they must coordinate the other members of the team, to produce great, synchronised and timely content as the schedule suggests. Their job is to ensure flawless teamwork for a superior outcome. Online marketers, content creators etc. need to be supervised and led by a content marketer for their efforts to be 100% relevant and fruitful.

This will eliminate any existing holes or misalignment in the team’s work. As for the consistency we mentioned, the fastest growing businesses have aimed for one piece of content per day. However, not everyone needs to follow that rule.

You must keep a regular schedule and avoid having several posts within one week, followed by a month-long (or more) hiatus. That would lead to nothing, except perhaps annoying your readers and chase them away. Inconsistency spells lack of involvement and professionalism.

Creating authority and spreading influence

These are two consequences of good Content Marketing. When you are committed to the effort, eventually you will have created a hub of information and precious content represented by your brand.

As people see this, they get to trust your company and it climbs higher within the industry. It means that its authority is growing and its influence can now spread further. Also when you are looking back, you will be proud of your achievements.

Isn’t Content Marketing expensive?

Of course, you have that question on your mind. Now let us answer it. Sure, the service comes with a price, but in the end, other solutions you might be employing instead can cost you a lot more.

Business owners and marketers often spend too much on traditional advertising or on ineffective campaigns. DemandMetric has revealed that, on the other hand, Content Marketing services cost 62% less than all of that. Plus, it generates many more leads than standard advertising.

The conversion rate gets about 6 times higher and 69% of marketers reported that Content Marketing improved the public relations. It is superior to TV and magazine ad campaigns. On his website, Neil Patel published more relevant statistics concerning this topic.

We hopefully explained well enough why this matter is such an important part of today’s Internet marketing. Here is one final note we need to make. There is one purpose/result that you must keep in mind: Content Marketing ultimately increases SALES, not just traffic or leads.

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