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Digital marketing tools are tools used by businesses to develop and promote their products, services or activity. They are indispensable in everyday work for any business, no matter the niche. Either we’re talking about analytics and results tracking tools, paid advertising platforms, video editing software or email marketing or social media, they can always automate processes and provide efficiency.

Good tools are maybe harder to find. You need time, people, resources to get the best insight and chose the most efficient option for you. Fortunate we’ve compiled a list of marketing tools  featuring the next categories:

  • Keyword research
  • Content optimisation
  • Site audit
  • Link analysis
  • Marketing automation
  • Web analytics
  • Social media marketing monitoring
  • Video editing

We can’t conduct any business without marketing tools, they help us to build a website, promote it, boost organic traffic through search engine optimization, contact clients, increase sales, communicate, track results, perform A/B test and many more.

In this Era, where everybody has at least one device (smartphone, laptop, PC, tablet and so on) is nearly impossible to stay out of the online media. Even the most traditional ones of us, use the web for their day to day activity, for personal life and business matters.

Imagine you’re searching for a product or for a company online. The results you see on the search engines are there due to SEO efforts which means keyword research, content optimization, link building, plus lots of other ranking factors. Or instead, if you see a commercial on Facebook for something you previously searched for, that’s paid to advertise, remarketing.

There are lots of activities that interfere in our daily flow, and tools are there to help us, get better, understand the results and many more.

These are only a few of the marketing tools that we tested, reviewed and analyzed. Some of them are mandatory for everyday activity, while others might be optional depending on what type of marketing campaign you’re implementing.

Of course, there are lots of other examples and you might think they are great, but test before you buy. Read other reviews and select based on your personal use. Use only what you need. Be selective and smart.

The vast majority of businesses use several marketing tools for different types of activities. Since each online marketing tool is designed to help on a certain matter, oftentimes people use a set of tools to serve to each need.

To achieve the goals and the performance you want, it’s best to use the most appropriate tools for you. So take time, test more to get the ones that satisfy you entirely or almost 100 percent.

Ashlyn Etree writer at SmallBusiness says that:

“Businesses use various marketing tools to communicate company information, stimulate customer interest and motivate action. An integrated marketing approach applies several tactics to engage customers and build the business”.

To elaborate more on the categories of marketing tools, find the list below:

Best Marketing Tools to Grow your Business

Keyword Research

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools With a single search on Google for keyword research tools, you’ll get lots of ideas and recommendations you could use for optimizing your website. But no recommendation is good if it’s not tested and not detailed by pointing out all the strengths and weaknesses of the tools for each type of user.

Content Optimisation

Content Optimisation Tools

Content Optimisation Tools Content optimisation is an important process that any business needs to develop if it has a website. SEO is the way to go when it comes to bringing awareness on your website and your business. And writing optimised content is the heart and soul of effective SEO. The SEO friendly content will

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing Automation Tools Lots of businesses use some form of marketing automation tools and techniques to get a new audience on the website and clientele on the store. Marketing automation is a smart way to take advantage of pf certain celebrations, dates and new media to deliver information to people and get direct sales. With

SEO Tools

SEO Tools for Optimisation Analysis and Research

SEO Tools for Best Optimisation The SEO industry is highly competitive, so you’ll definitively find lots of great SEO tools. Most of them are trying to bring high-quality services, full support and lots of features, from link building to content optimisation, from on-site analysis to off-site tracking and more. We built a list of SEO

web analytics

Web Analytics Tools for Website Optimisation

Web Analytics Tools Some say if it’s not worth measuring, then it’s not worth doing. Web analytics tools represent your best friend, the lifesaving kit when measuring your results. Analytics data are maybe the crucial part of your campaigns, your overall marketing strategies and everything regarding your business. Website analytics is the process of collecting,

social media monitoring

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social Media Monitoring Tools Social media monitoring tools are used for making it easier on customer insights, social listening, monitoring audience behaviour, tracking important online conversations and many more. Being there when people are talking about your brand is decisive and can trigger lots of benefits. But being present right of that moment is hard

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