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Content optimisation is an important process that any business needs to develop if it has a website. SEO is the way to go when it comes to bringing awareness on your website and your business. And writing optimised content is the heart and soul of effective SEO. The SEO friendly content will help you send the right signals to Google that your content is relevant, fresh and valuable to the user.

Studies show that almost 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. Don’t believe me? Imagine you want to find out how to grow lucky bamboo, your first action would be to search on Google.

Google is one of the most popular search engines, that’s why most of the people use the name brand as a verb: Don’t know something? Then google it. It became a generic name, similar to Band-Aids or Xerox, and the list can go on, but you got the idea.

To get on the first page of Google, it requires a lot of hard work and smart strategy, and quality content is right on top of the ranking signals. Studies showed that content is more valuable than links, on various occasions. The content can indicate the authority of the page.

Using content optimisation tools can save a lot of time and not to mention you’ll do a much better job, than without them.

Starting with keywords research on both mobile and desktop, depending on available features and multiple language selection, the content optimisation tools are your best friends to get higher rankings on the search engines.

Each keyword is assigned an intent which Google is trying to understand based on the contextual patents developed. Finding the context behind each phrase contributes to better results and can be performed by analysing the top-ranking competitors.

Track the level of optimisation, find new ideas, analyse performance, identify new pages to optimise are only a few options available on the content optimisation tools.

There are lots of tools with an interactive content editor that allows you to add your blog post or any webpage from your site and analyse the content performance, get directions and keyword suggestions for better optimisation. Depending on your needs, you can test and chose the best option for your content strategy.

Lots of tools offer you space to optimise directly in the tool keeping formatting features similars to the ones in WordPress or Microsft Word including italic, bold or underlined text, bullets and lists options, headings, images, interlinking, and many more. You get a list of keyword and phrases you can include them in your blog post naturally to better optimise it.

Each time you add a keyword in your content, the tool will highlight or count the number of occurrences and show you whether you’ve over optimised or under optimise that piece of content. Depending on the tool you can see the used and not used keywords, plus the number of total words on a page, readability score and lots of other features that can help each content writer to get the best version of the content.

Content Optimisation Tools Collection

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool & Content Assistant – CognitiveSEO

Keyword Tool & Content Assistant - the Game Changing Tool for Content Optimisation Keyword Tool and Content Assistant is a two-part software for content optimisation designed by cognitiveSEO. It is a tool launched in July 2017 on Product Hunt that has enjoyed fame from the beginning, being the second product of the day. Razvan Gavrilas

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