Marketing Automation Tools

Lots of businesses use some form of marketing automation tools and techniques to get a new audience on the website and clientele on the store.

Marketing automation is a smart way to take advantage of pf certain celebrations, dates and new media to deliver information to people and get direct sales.

With a simple look at the search engines, we can find lots of studies showing the effectiveness of sending emails. For sure, businesses from all industries currently use the technology, and that numbers will continue to grow.

There are two ways of building a marketing automation campaign. You can either try cold email marketing that means sending a message to people you’ve never spoken before, hence the “cold” terminology, you haven’t “warmed” the conversation previously. A cold email is an unsolicited email that is sent to a receiver without prior contact. You make the first contact at the moment of sending the email.

This technique might not be as effective as the second one because lots of people associate cold emailing with spamming. Cold emailing is used by people who most of the time, pursue some services without any effort (links, sell products, and more).

The second technique is emailing used as a follow-up, to continue a conversation, to answer questions, or send newsletters to people who solicited the email. This technique is more effective than the first one because it is a requested mail, you already know the person, and the people don’t have the feeling you’re taking advantage of them.

Newsletters are maybe the most widespread form of marketing automation used by businesses from all industries in online marketing.

And for sending thousands of newsletters, you can use marketing automation tools. From hundreds of options, you can create the perfect newsletter for the occasion to get the results you want.

The best part of these email marketing tools is the option for personalising and adding a logo, buttons, addresses, pictures, text more creatively and professionally. No matter if you want sleek and straightforward emails of more artistic designs, the tools have all sorts of integrations available which makes it easy to select one.

Lots of them allow you to integrate them with your mobile app or website and see real-time data and trigger actions. Other features include A/B testing, conversion tracking, customer profiles, and in-context conversations.

Depending on the needs of each business, you can find a more complex suite of tools that include sales software, marketing software, and support software, with tons of creative automation possibilities or simpler tools.

For big B2B companies, you’ll find tools that require most expertise from email marketing specialists and IT designers to develop sophisticated conditional workflows, apply a specific set of rules and work with thousands of subscribers and lots of segments. These types of marketing automation software help you scale growth and spend less on repetitive tasks and.

Of course, there are free and paid options depending mostly on the number of subscribers or number of sent emails on a month and other features integrations.

Basically, it makes personalised messages simple.

Best Marketing Automation Tools


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