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Moz Pro is an SEO software designed for specialists, agencies, companies and brands that want to keep track of their performance in the search engines. It is one of the most known SEO tools available on the market, developed in 2004 by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig, his mother.

Rand Fishkin created an SEO empire, and always inspired lots of SEO experts in digital marketing.

Don’t assume SEO works right away. It’s the total opposite of advertising. It requires a large, upfront investment of creativity, technical investments, and elbow grease, and the returns will initially be small or nonexistent. The high upfront costs and challenges are what keep the field thin enough to make standing out a true competitive advantage.

Rank Fiskin, former Co-Founder of SEOmoz

What started as an SEO blog named SEOMoz, grew into what is today – an all-in-one SEO toolset including a link analysis module, keyword explorer for discovering keyword ideas for the analyzed website, local SEO features, an SEO browser plugin and more. It has a large community and lots of brand advocates.

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The toolset has lots of features and benefits for a business owner, structured in 5 main tools:

  1. Rankings
  2. Page optimization
  3. Site crawl
  4. Links
  5. Traffic from Search

Moz Pro is organized following the main features mentioned above and the menu is pretty simple to use.

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On the Dashboard you can see information about:

  • The Search Visibility score, which is the percentage of clicks you receive based on your organic rankings positions, across all of the keywords tracked in your Moz account;
  • Desktop vs. Mobile Visibility: a comparison between those two devices;
  • Domain Authority, which is a search engine ranking score designed by Moz that can tell how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • The number of external links and your competitors’ sites. Alongside that is a breakdown of your top keywords by their rankings.

1. Rankings

The first section of the tool – Rank Tracking – shows you information about the keyword positions on search engine results.

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Tracking your keywords give you a competitive advantage and helps you make smarter decisions regarding your content. Search visibility graph is divided into four categories: rankings, search engines, competition and opportunities. Based on these charts you can understand very well which are the keywords that are ranking best and which needs more attention, which are the engines that you should focus on.

Also, you can analyze a keyword and find out its value, the ranking history over time, you can add and manage keywords, and find out what keywords are ranking for each web page.

One of the most interesting features is the Estimate Search Traffic by Keyword, where you can see the organic traffic for your landing pages next to the tracked keywords that rank for each page.

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2. Page Optimization

For all the SEO experts that need keyword research and want to optimize their website content, Moz has Page Optimization. The tool analyzes a page and a keyword, then it gives a score and recommends a few content optimization tips.

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You can perform a quick audit, and find exactly what you need to improve, what’s missing, and the evolution of your ranking in terms or body content, meta description, headings and titles, image alt descriptions and URLs optimization.

3. Site Crawl

Moz Pro has a tool for on-site SEO that includes information about technical SEO aspects and indicates if your website is organized and clean so that Google and the other search engines can crawl it correctly.

You’ll get instant notification about the total crawled pages and the total number of website issues as you can see in the screenshot below. Each issue is self-explanatory.

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It offers a deep analysis of the website architecture and helps the user understand what are the main issues and what needs immediate improvement. Running an on-site SEO audit it’s crucial for keeping the website healthy. It’s important to fix any issues that might block the website from getting higher search visibility and better rankings in the search engines.

The Site Crawl will highlight the main issues and give you some guidelines to fix them. An SEO expert recommends each tip as you can see in the screenshot below.

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4. Links

Links are considered to be one of the most important SEO factors, besides content and Rank Brain. Moz Pro helps you explore your inbound links and create a solid strategy based on your findings.

The tool gathers information about the backlinks profile, where you can analyze your links and get linking opportunities.

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Mentions, reviews and quotes about your business without links can also be viewed here. This allows you to contact the author of the mentions and ask them to link your business since they’ve been so kind as to talk about it. Turning mentions into links isn’t so hard, you need to send an email and wait. The tool collects all the mentions; that means half the job is done.

Besides that, you get information by following lots of SEO competition metrics such as Domain Authority, Linking Roots Domain, Follow vs. Nofollow, External and Internal Links, Anchor Texts, and more.

Another interesting feature from Moz is the Spam Score. There was a time where Black Hat SEO was blooming and spam was around every corner, so Moz developed the Spam Score that indicates if you have any harmful links pointing to any of your pages. For a healthy website, you should get rid of links that have a spam score higher than 30%. You can investigate further more and find out exactly if those pages are bad or not.

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5. Traffic from Search

Similar to Google Analytics (GA) Traffic from Search by Moz is the tool where you can get information about the number of visits for each landing page and compare data with GA.

It is a great tool for understanding your website a little better. You can find out what type of content has a higher performance and brings a higher number of visits. At a glance, you’ll get a broad look at your total organic traffic.

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Moz toolset has lots of other features and tries to implement lots of tools and improve the ones that it already has to fulfil users’ needs. Every user is different so Moz can be a good fit for lots of users.

Moz Pro is a paid tool, but in the toolset, you’ll find lots of free features that can be used within a limited number.


Moz Pro can be a great tool for professional web marketers. A business owner can use this to find out if their website has issues, want to get a site audit, find new link building strategies and improve their rankings. It has data on SEO, social media and content marketing.

It is a technical tool, though, so finding an SEO expert or agency that has the knowledge is a great asset.

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