SEMrush Site Audit – Website SEO Analysis to Fix On-Site Issues

SEMrush is a software as a service company that offers marketing analytics software subscriptions. In other words, SEMrush is a sophisticated tool, that has lots of functionalities for link analysis, content optimisation, keyword research and CPC, gap analysis and site audit. Site Audit is a powerful tool from the SEMrush SEO suite.
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SEMrush’s website Site Audit will help you find and fix on-site issues and boost SEO-optimization, check HTTPs implementation, fix hreflang errors, check lots of information on markups, crawl depth, internal links, canonical tags, etc.

What started as an app created for personal use to identify SEO trends, ended up to be nowadays an essential name in the SEO world and a highly used SEO tool.

The days have passed when SEO should be considered as a separate marketing entity. It doesn’t make sense to learn SEO separately from other marketing activities, and sometimes it is even impossible to do so. Today, a lack of SEO knowledge equals basic illiteracy for any professional marketer.

Oleg Shchegolev, co-founder SEMrush

SEMrush Site Audit is a fast and pain-free method to identify any technical issues with your website regarding crawlability, content, images, links, accessibility and coding.

  1. Overview
  2. Issues
  3. Crawled Pages
  4. Statistics
  5. Compare Crawls and Progress


1. Overview

In the Audit Dashboard, you get the complete view of your website and understand by having a quick view precisely what happens on your site. The main elements of the account are displayed here.

The first one is the Site score or the Site Health (from 0 to 100), which is calculated based on the errors and warnings of your website. It gives an instant overall idea of the sites current technical set-up. The higher the score, the better.

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The score is updated after each recrawl. It can show you a different score, depending on the fact that you’ve fixed the previous issues or not. Plus, you have the total number of crawled pages with the associated problems.

You have another section with issues that fall into three categories:

  • Errors: The most severe issues found.
  • Warnings: Less severe but recommended.
  • Notices: General best practice elements and suggestions which help the overall site quality.

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The next element, Thematic Score shows you information to create unique reports:

  • Crawlability tracks everything that affects how search engines crawl your site.
  • HTTPS Implementation reports all of the potential issues regarding website security.
  • International SEO refers to the correct implementation of Hreflang attribute (rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x”) on your website.
  • The Performance report will identify the CSS and Javascript resources on the pages and the issues associated.
  • Internal Linking allows you to see how well is your site performing regarding internal links, which are just as important as external links

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The last section is the Top 3 issues. Here are tracked the issues based on their priority level. You’ll see the most important ones, which can differ from one site to another.

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2. Issues

The Issues tab shows all the errors warnings and notices, with brief but useful explanations of the solution for each element. If you click on any URL, the tool will expand with the list of pages from your website that have the corresponding issue.

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There are lots of actions available in this issue tab, such as:

  • Advanced filters to search for specific pages.

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  • Hide an entire issue, or specific pages or exclude checks form your audit in bulk.

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  • Integrate with Trello to organise your website cleaning better and have better management in your daily schedule.

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  • Click the Trend graph to view the progress of your issues.

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3. Crawled Pages


The Crawled Pages report lists all of the URLs that were crawled by SEMrush bot. You can have an accessible overview of all the pages and analyse the status of your website page by page.

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Here you have an in-depth analysis of your pages where you can extract lots of insights about your website. You can filter and search for specific pages with issues, broken pages, redirects, blocked pages, and healthy pages.

The list will show whether the pages have unique pageview, the crawl depth, the number of issues associated, a metric selection. The Crawl depth refers to the number of clicks a user must do to reach a particular page from the homepage. The homepage has 0 crawl depth, and any page linked from the homepage has crawl depth of 1.

4. Statistics

The Statistics tab is quite explanatory, has a lot of stats about the analysed domain. The page allows you to see the data displayed as a list or as charts. The report shows the next metrics:

  • Markups
  • Crawl depth
  • Sitemap vs Crawled Pages
  • HTTP status codes
  • AMP links
  • Internal links
  • Canonical tag
  • Hreflang tag

Below you can see an example of a report from this section. The information you get here is excellent. You can use the info in your reports and send it to the team or your clients if you manage their websites and on-site SEO.

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5. Compare Crawls and Progress

Compare Crawls makes it very easy to track all the crawls made for your website and view them more efficiently in a side by side comparison. Chose the dates for comparison and checked the report.

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Moreover, you have the Progress report that tracks an interactive trending line visualising the history and evolution of your issues or other metrics available.

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This report is a great way to track your evolution and the actual progress of your SEO, to see if you’ve improved and to spot any issues that keep coming or any specific o your site. You have 4 metrics available: General, Errors, Warnings and Notices.


SEMrush Site Audit makes is very easy to track and fix any issues associated with the on-site SEO elements and more. The tool is very well structured and can be used for reporting by downloading PDFs directly from the section you are in. It’s best suited to check the health of a website and create better websites.

Either you’re a pro or a beginner, don’t be afraid, the tool has a simple flow and lots of indication, plus well-explained documentation. It comes integrated into the whole SEO suite, but can be used independently, too. Like everything that’s good and valuable, it is a paid tool.

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