Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media monitoring tools are used for making it easier on customer insights, social listening, monitoring audience behaviour, tracking important online conversations and many more.

Being there when people are talking about your brand is decisive and can trigger lots of benefits. But being present right of that moment is hard to track. Not most people talk directly to your brand by adding the handle (@) before the brand name. Lots of them don’t even tag your business page. They are so finding out what and when they talk about you is hard to do it manually. Social media monitoring tools help you get there.

When people talk about your brand, you’ve got yourself a mention. Brand mentions carry value and continue to grow in importance. Lots of business owners started to take notice of this metric. Lots of tools that perform social listening started to appear. New needs have grown; new marketing techniques take birth. And tools come to rescue.

We’ve searched and collected a list of social media monitoring tools that are tried and tested before mentioned. Because now we all know the importance of a mention. It is an honest opinion, feedback with great actionable insights.

Starting with BrandMentions that performs social listening with lots of cool features to help all of those who want to have an accurate view of what people are saying and whether they’ve experienced a positive or negative impact.

The tool uses high-end algorithms that combine natural language processing, machine learning techniques curating process to automatically determine the sentiment analysis, the source, author, performance and many more.

All the tool mentioned can be used for lots of social media marketing strategies and future campaigns. You can track influencers and built influencer marketing ideas, find trending hashtags, get ideas from your competitors, build links by the use of the actual unlinked mentions for your brand, increase social media presence and more.

Social media monitoring tools work by continuously crawling and indexing sites, and social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Reddit and Linkedin. So you can keep track of each social channel individually and create niched campaigns, especially for the type of audience you want.

Social media is an essential asset for any business in their online marketing process. The audience on social media channels continue to grow, and more and more brands are using them in their communication.

Real-time marketing works great on social media. We’ve seen over the years the high engagement brought by real marketing.      Consumers are always connected, and they expect personalised, in the moment communication from brands.

Studies say that increased customer satisfaction and experience (67 per cent) and increased customer retention (60 per cent) are the next most commonly cited benefits, with a majority also believing that real-time marketing can drive revenue through personalised offers.

If you haven’t optimised your social media marketing strategy, you can start now by following these tools and select the one that suits you best, by the UX, the process, the usability, the budget and the time it takes you to implement.

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

brand monitoring

BrandMentions – Online monitoring tool

BrandMentions - the Smart Way to Find out What People Say About Your Business BrandMentions does what the name says: it monitors your brand online and gives you a list of all the web sources where your brand appears, with a link or without a link. If somebody talks about you, you'll know. Brand mention

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