BrandMentions – the Smart Way to Find out What People Say About Your Business

BrandMentions does what the name says: it monitors your brand online and gives you a list of all the web sources where your brand appears, with a link or without a link. If somebody talks about you, you’ll know.

Brand mention is the latest buzz in digital marketing. It is not only crucial to SEO, but it is also reinterpreted how Google measures the brand online. Moreover, it can be used to analyse brand awareness and visibility using social listening features and find out what people think about your brand (positive vs negative feedback).

brandmentions monitoring tool

As the BrandMentions team says on their website, the brand monitoring tool digs every corner of the internet to find all the relevant mentions about anyone or anything.

The tool gathers some interesting features that help every business owner, public figure or anyone interested to monitor a brand online. Check out some of the most important features for social media monitoring:

  1. Include and Exclude Keywords
  2. Use Sentiment Analysis
  3. View Historical Data & Add Extra Mention Sources
  4. Apply Smart and Quality Filters
  5. Real-Time Monitoring

The social monitoring tool is very easy to use. You need to create a project where you add the name you want to follow, be it a brand name or product name, add the website and social accounts for a better analysis.

To have an accurate analysis and a more in-depth mention collection is essential that you add all of the information mentioned above. On the contrary, you might risk getting lots of trashy and non-relevant mentions and pollute your analysis. Adding the Facebook id and Twitter id will give you the possibility to track not only social mentions but also web mentions.

brand mentions

1. Include and Exclude Keywords

To fine-tune the brand monitoring and get all only relevant results, you can use the feature of adding or excluding specific keywords and phrases.

Word Image 34

For generic brand names, this feature comes in handy. For example, if I want to create a project for Orange, I can add complimentary keywords such as mobile communication, technology, and so on. Moreover, I can exclude specific keywords in the same project. In the example used above, I can exclude terms such as fruit.

Word Image 35

Just add each keyword at a time and save the settings. The mentions will be filtered and remain only the ones that interest you.

2. Use Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis shows precisely what do people feel about your brand by analysing the context. The sentiments can be positive, negative, neutral and unknown. For each mention, BrandMentions automatically assigns a feeling.

Word Image 36

Using this feature, you’ll be able to understand your audience, which could otherwise be difficult to attain. Sentiment analysis is used mostly in online reputation management, but it can also be used to win customers and increase engagement.

Filter all the mentions the tool shows you and find out all the posts with negative sentiment analysis. Collect the data and start improving the image of your brand online. In case of a misinterpreted sentiment classification, manually change that.

3. View Historical Data & Add Extra Mention Sources

Each user can ask for more historical data depending on needs. That requires to send a request and get data for up to 1 year in the past. On the standard package, the tool shows you data only for the last 30 days when you created a new project.

Word Image 37

Depending on the type of package you chose, you can see up to 5 years of historical data. That’s a lot of mention which comes with a high quality of getting the right business decisions.

Besides that, you can unlock additional mention sources. BrandMentions allows its users to select if they want more mentions from more sources. Extra Mention Sources are premium data sources just like the historical data and provides even mention insights.

Word Image 38

Selecting more sources will allow you to connect with multiple people, business owners, influencers, PR, brand managers, and so on. This way, you can create powerful partnerships and find potential collaborations.

4. Apply Smart and Quality Filters

There are lots of filters available to get the mentions analysis you desire. Choose from the list and create segments that you can apply afterwards to the same project or other future projects.

Word Image 39

Apply tags and review your mentions to decide what to do with them.

Word Image 40

For better analysis, chose the Quality filter, which allows a high level of mention curation. Depending on the level of accuracy and the volume of mentions you have in your account, select to enable this feature or not and receive all the remarks available on the world wide web for the keyword you’re tracking.

Word Image 41

5. Real-Time Monitoring

The tool offers real-time monitoring. In case you want to receive notifications on the spot chose this option and reviewed the data you get right in your email inbox. You are always prepared and ready to take action in every moment by enabling the real-time monitoring option.

Word Image 42

You’ll get 24/7 mention monitoring, and the tool will automatically collect all new mentions.

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BrandMentions quality filters, extra mentions sources, and sentiment analysis features are the secret ingredients to effective brand monitoring. You can search for whatever topic and term you want and get inspiration. Based on the results found, you can new business ideas.

BrandMentions can identify business opportunities, spot new trends, find out more about the competition, discover influencers and help you in a management crisis.

Having the opportunity to find out everything that has been said about your brand online gives you a higher advantage to take actions and be prepared for what’s coming. Find unlinked mentions to gain new links, boost your SEO and improve your online presence

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