6 Advantages of using Google Analytics for Your Business

Google Analytics, is a complex tool that tracks and reports website traffic and also measures advertising ROI, Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

Google Analytics provides valuable insights to shape the success strategy of your business.

Google Analytics advantages

Since nowadays, it is almost crucial for a website to have an online presence, so it becomes essential to understand how your website works and what does the data “say”.

Given below are some of Google Analytics advantages to boost your website’s performance.

  1. It’s free
  2. Automatically collect data
  3. Easy integration with third-party tools
  4. Find top marketing campaigns in terms of traffic and conversions
  5. Determine where your best visitors are located
  6. Identify top-performing content

1. Google Analytics it’s free

One of the significant advantages of Google Analytics is the fact that it is free and can be used by any business no matter the size. You need to register and add your business information before being able to extract website data and analyse your results.

There is a paid version, named Analytics 360, for businesses that want more features, more integrations, unlimited data, advanced analysis and direct contact for service and support. The great thing is that you have two solutions for your business where you can choose the best option.

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2. Automatically collect data

It automatically collects data. When you set up your Google Analytics account, you need to copy a simple piece of code on your website. Once you’ve authenticated your account, you’ll see traffic to your website, what type of audience you have, conversion and many more.

Everything will run smoothly, and at any point you want, you’ll see your Google Analytics data in your account. You don’t need to perform further actions. Google Analytics does all the work for you.

No delay. No hassle. No waiting. You’ll have immediate access to your reports. Add goals, set up filters and create personalised reports for your needs. All in just a few minutes.

3. Easy integration with third-party tools

Another great advantage of Google Analytics is that it can be easily integrated with lots of tools and platforms for paid advertising and Google ads, emailing, social activity and more.

Search Console, Google Adwords, Google AdSense, AdExchange, BigQuery, DoubleClick, Google Play and Postpacks are just a few of some of the platforms you can get data from into Analytics. Based on your strategy and the information you want to extract, you can personalise your Google Analytics reports the way to need it.

Plus, just like the other Google products, analytics presents a clear and easily usable interface and helpful support and community that will provide the information you need to set up the Google Analytics dashboard. And you get real data while people are visiting your website.

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4. Find top marketing campaigns in terms of traffic and conversions

While investing in an online advertisement for your online store, created PR events and digital marketing promo for your business, it is necessary to find out the top marketing campaigns which brought you the best results. It’s time to look at your advanced segments.

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Create advanced segments, by going to Advanced Segments dropdown and then select New Custom Segment.

For example, you can name one segment Local Search and track traffic from local directories and start adding sites you have profiles on such as maps.google.com/maps/ for Google Places and yelp.com for your Yelp listing and so on.

After you’ve added all the domain preview the segment to make sure that it is extracting data and then save the segment, your segment is created, and Google analytics will start pulling data from the added sources. Click on Advanced Settings to view and check the segment.

By setting the right personalised segment, you’ll find out the best ROI for your social media and digital marketing strategies.

5. Determine the location of your best visitors

Google Analytics can make a difference based on where do your visitors come. If you want to implement local SEO strategies and events on specific locations, then it is necessary to find out where’s your best audience. You need to look under your Audience > Geo to see the area of your visitors. Right under the Audience section, you’ll find all the demographics that you need.

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Find out all the stats regarding time spent on site, bounce rate, how many pages your audience saw when they entered the website. Moreover, you can explore particular countries and see stats such as goal conversion rates, goal value.

6. Identify top-performing content

Want to know what is your best content, and what do people search on your website? What brings most of your traffic? Then Google Analytics provides such information. Go to Behaviour > Site Content and then select Pages.

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Looking in this section will help you identify the content that keeps the visitors on the website the longest and want to continue watching on other pages on the website. Check out the pages with the lowest bounce rate and a higher number of pages per session. Finding out what people like is a good indicator to produce more similar content. If you provide content that your target audience likes, then it will attract them further in the future.

Besides that, you can look at the worst-performing content to understand what your audience doesn’t like, and it isn’t in their interest.

Always analyse the data to make better decisions. Google Analytics is a great place to start collecting all the insights and deciding the steps to build a better website. Free for everyone that wants some information, and paid for those who want more accuracy and more data. Either way, the platform helps you have a bright look on your business performance.

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