8 Creative Carpet Cleaning Marketing Strategies that Will Drive Leads

Carpet Cleaning Marketing Strategies

Carpet cleaners might encounter some difficulties, just like any other niche. Finding carpet cleaning marketing strategies might be complicated if you don’t know your niche or your audience’s needs, or maybe you just had trouble letting people know that your carpet cleaning business is fantastic.
Your products might be great, and your services could complement even the royal family, but if you don’t get to the final user, you don’t exist.

Marketing your carpet cleaning business or any of the home cleaning services needs an actionable strategy. Check the next 8 marketing strategies and implement a plan that could fit you:

  1. Show Demonstrations
  2. Use Guerrilla Marketing
  3. Create Smart and Effective Email Marketing Campaigns
  4. Nail your Google Listing
  5. Think of Promotional Offers for Special Holidays
  6. Offer Commissions For Upsells
  7. Use your Blog to Generate More Leads
  8. Create Partnerships with other Businesses

1. Show Demonstrations

Demonstrations of live pictures is another great marketing strategy for carpet cleaners because you can show to your audience real-time actions. We’re are not talking about Top shop stuff, but rather short and more reliable videos showing your services in real-life situations. Videos that can be used on new article ideas, on the site, on the Youtube channel, on social media or on any third-party platform.

Take for example the next video demonstration:

It is a short video, that explains what it does, and you can see clearly the difference at the end. If you want to stand out, you can try to point out the benefits of your services, add a funny song on the background, and have a smart call to action. Usually, people appeal to the same need or message from a commercial or something they see online.

The usage of video content continues to grow, and it can be a good trigger for traffic, leads and even revenue (if used for paid ads).

2. Use Guerrilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing requires you to be more creative and spend less money. Comparing to advertising, guerilla marketing is cheaper. In order to be effective, it needs to be smart and make it memorable so that word of mouth can promote it.

Since we are talking about carpet cleaning, we need to focus our attention on the floor. There are lots of ideas that can spark your imagination by having a simple search online. For example, check out the next elevator floor, it’s so clean that you can see through it:

If you want to be more natural, you can consider a floor that is made of natural grass and flowers or clouds, to inspire freshness and immaculacy. Make sure to record the moment when people walk on it to promote it afterwards on your site.

3. Create Smart and Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

If we’re talking about carpet cleaning marketing ideas, then email marketing needs to be included in the team. Sending automatic emails to follow up with leads is a great win. There are lots of tools you can use for that. A popular example is MailChimp. You can choose from lots of templates and formats.

Word Image 6

Studies show that 80% of all sales are made on the 5th-12th contact and email marketing is a great strategy to push those leads down the funnel.

More than that, you can send a direct mail and have a conversation, provide more information, and show you’re a human, not just a business.

4. Nail your Google Listing

To improve your local SEO, you need to register on the Google listing. It is an undeniable marketing strategy for this SEO niche. You have to create a local business by adding NAP information, meaning your business name, address and phone number.

Google My Business allows you to create posts, add pictures and create an attractive profile. Your business will appear on search and Google maps. You can save money and “promote” your business for free on Google, by using GMB.

Word Image 7

It is recommended to register on GMB because users can get directions, and also will increase the number of potential clients to your store.

5. Think of Promotional Offers for Special Holidays

Before the big holidays, especially Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter people are making lots of arrangements to create the best atmosphere, that includes carpet cleaning too. More than that, people are willing to pay more during the holidays.

Promotional offers are a great marketing technique for attracting customer attention. It is essential to choose very well what you’ll offer, how much and the message that you use.

6. Offer Commissions For Upsells

I think that any carpet cleaning & floor business should have a commissioning campaign set up for generating leads and sales more easily. Imagine this; you offer a commission to your staff you practically encourage them to sell more by receiving this small incentive.

Any form of additional recognition and money are a good technique to motivate the employee. A study by Interact firm shows that employees’ engagement increases by 60%

When managers recognise their contribution, it comes as no surprise that another research made by a telecommunication company in Malaysia showed that sales incentive or commission plans had been identified as an excellent motivator for any salespeople.

Before implementing such a marketing tactic for this niche, make sure you test the market and find the best commission plan for your business. That depends on the number of clients per month, revenue, number of staff and a lot of other metrics that depend on the business.

7. Use your Blog to Generate more Leads

Used creatively, the blog can be a powerful weapon. Stories can be told in hundreds of different ways. Storytelling is a good trigger, and it really depends on what your niche likes. Content marketing should miss from your digital marketing plan. If you’re doing SEO for your niche, then the content is one of the first three search engine factors.

According to Hubspot, creating blog content can generate up to 4.5 times more leads comparing to businesses that use this technique in their carpet cleaning marketing strategy.

Biz Brain created an exciting piece of content by using an interactive and visual representation on “where does coffee come from”. It shows the journey from bean to cup through fun and attractive piece of content.

Word Image 8 Word Image 9

8. Create Partnerships with other Businesses

Partnerships can evolve into something new for your business. Just think about this way: carpet is everywhere, so you can develop a partnership with almost anyone.

We can name just a few businesses that could partner up with you into creating a prolific project:

  • Rug dealers;
  • Business offices or buildings;
  • Floor companies;
  • Schools
  • Contractors;
  • Realtors;
  • Stores and so much more


Carpet cleaning businesses can take inspiration for their marketing strategy from lots of channels. If you know your niche, then it is easier to generate ideas to market to them and attract more leads on the website.

Take advantage of the fact that you can partner with lots of businesses that have carpets, create special offers during holidays when people are more eager to pay lots of money, promote your businesses through creative ways and more.

Spy on your competitors, but take a look at what happens in the online world. There are lots of other businesses from other industries that have fantastic marketing campaigns. Generate ideas from there and build your own strategy.

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