6 Apartment Marketing Ideas Guaranteed to Increase Sales

Finding the right apartment marketing ideas can bring you some difficulties if you don’t know your business. Before you start any marketing campaign, make sure to define your brand and identify your target audience.

apartment marketing ideas

Digital marketing is becoming an unstoppable online force. You can get lots of benefits if you know how to use it. As an apartment marketer, your priority is getting new renters on the door. But the road from acquiring them until they step inside is different from one client to another. For a faster and easier approach, check out the next marketing ideas for real estate businesses:

  1. Create a Pinterest and Instagram accounts
  2. Use real high-quality pictures to share online
  3. Hold events at the property
  4. Partner with other companies
  5. Make sure your apartment listings have accurate information
  6. Upgrade your content game


1. Create a Pinterest and Instagram accounts

Lots of people search for inspiration on Pinterest. Studies show that 90% of active pinners use Pinterest to plan for purchases, and 87% have purchased something because of Pinterest. Some other researches showed that 54% of millennials declared that Pinterest inspired them to buy extra items to spruce up their homes. The interesting fact is that even those that weren’t looking for new home decorations were persuaded to buy after seeing other’s Pins.

Setting up a business account on Pinterest is a good idea. You can create boards, which are collections of Pins (pictures) combining all sorts of home decor and gardening ideas. On the same note, you can use Instagram. Add photos with trending hashtags and tag popular pages to bring more Instagram followers to your page.

Personalise and create eye-candy apartment marketing ideas using quality pictures and beautiful colour combinations. Post articles and always make a catchy cover to persuade people to come on your website.

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2. Use real high-quality photos to share online

There’s no secret, we all know the power of a good picture. Hence the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. If you want to attract renters to your apartments, you need to show proof of what are you offering. Using pictures that are harmonious and high-quality will provide trust and professionalism.

High-quality pictures are easy to share and make it very easy to understand what exactly the user will find at the apartment. Be transparent and use real photos, images that you own, and not fake apartment decor, that you don’t own. Otherwise, you risk doing more harm than good to your online reputation.

3. Hold events at the property

If you want to put more effort into your apartment marketing campaign, organise events at the property. This kind of interaction with your community can increase resident retention and raise your online awareness.

You can create themed events and parties to market your apartment, and build an online campaign on social media to share pictures before the event, during the event and after.

4. Partner with other businesses

You don’t have to be alone in this. Your collaborations can assist your marketing efforts. You can partner with other companies and promote your apartment using different means. Using this technique can leverage a lot of awareness to get your brand out there and make people aware of your property.

You can partner with businesses such:

  • Banking;
  • Self-storage companies;
  • Moving;
  • Furniture & home decorations;
  • Cleaning;
  • Repair & construction and many more.

Think of businesses that people interact when moving from a place to another. Some might be looking to gyms or pools or spa&welness. All sorts of information and services provided will set your apartment from the others. By the way, you promote your apartment, and the additional services that come with it will guarantee a higher success rate for renting.

You can start by leaving a business card and gift baskets to all the local businesses in your area to say hello. Then think of the next steps in your process to bring value.

5. Make sure your apartment listings have accurate information

All the contact information about your business that exists online must be accurate. There’s no room for a wrong phone number, incorrect address or any other irregularities. You’ll then miss potential tenants, on people that can’t contact you and in the end, you miss an opportunity to win money and clients (relationships).

Start with Google My Business listing, check your NAP (name, address, phone number) and then continue with pictures, additional descriptions, special hours and opening times, like holidays or special events. People will want to get to your local business, and it’s essential to have a correct pin on Google maps and on the other websites that your apartment is listed.

If you want to amplify your results and be more proactive, make sure to make your local listing on Google as attractive as possible:

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6. Upgrade your content game

Writing high-quality content is one of the most significant necessities these days. Content is one of the most crucial ranking factors. Having a blog where you write all sorts of articles on real estate can boost your SEO visibility.

If you want to rank first in the search results, make some efforts and come up with great content ideas. According to Hubspot, companies that blog have far better marketing results and get 55% more visitors.

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Maybe one of the most important apartment marketing ideas is to blog — more blogging more website visitors, which can translate into more people to convert to leads and sales. Consistency and relevancy should be your new best buddies. Just one blog post a week can do wonders. Especially if it’s sustained with shares across your social networks.

A blog can establish your name online. You can acknowledge authority and trustworthiness.

Study your competition for a bit to see what are they mastering, what tricks do they use, and how is their apartment marketing strategy built. This way, you can outrank them and bring something that sets you apart from the other competitors.

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