4 Software Companies That Are Doing Digital Marketing Right

Year after year, the competition in technology is getting bigger and bigger, forcing companies to be more creative and have a better content marketing strategy. That’s why doing digital marketing for software companies is a challenging task. To stand out, you need to produce digital marketing campaigns that create a mark.

There are lots of companies that got it right and are an inspiration for all of us. Here are five tech companies that are doing online marketing right:

  1. Buffer – Use as Transparency a Core Value
  2. Wistia – Grow a Brand Personality
  3. HelpScout – Make an Impact in the World
  4. Slack – Focus on Delivering Great Customer Experience

1. Buffer – Use as Transparency a Core Value

Buffer is a social media management tool for web and mobile. They have a great digital marketing strategy and using transparency as an asset. They’ll publish information about pretty much everything: financials, revenues, how your money is being spent, even salaries.

Their Open blog has lots of articles where they offer all sorts of information and are transparent about the company and its people. Below you can see a printscreen on a blog post about salary and how it is calculated: “Introducing the New Buffer Salary Formula, Calculate-Your-Salary App and The Whole Team’s New Salaries”.

Word Image 24

This example of a digital marketing strategy they adopted comes from the need of building a community based on trust, transparency and authenticity. More than that, transparency is one of the company’s values:

As a team, we view transparency as an effective way to work remotely and establish a culture of trust.


At Buffer, values are very well respected, and that also means for people that work together. They have no private email, which means that their whole email system is fully transparent and can be read by any employee at any time. That ensures efficiency, everyone knows everything that happens in the company and that is also transferring a strong impact to the users. So that whenever you’re collaborating with Buffer, you are working with the whole team.

Based on that, they always involve the community in their decisions and make them feel part of the team through all the communication that goes on their blog, Facebook and Twitter account, basically all their digital content. Just take a look at one of their post:

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2. Wistia – Grow a Brand Personality

Wistia is a video hosting company which sells video software to businesses. Even though you have software, SaaS company, or any type of technology company, communication should be on a human level. Even though your product or services are technical, that doesn’t mean your brand shouldn’t have a personality.

That’s the goal of Wistia communication strategy. While they are a team of high professionals and experts, they never forget to enjoy and have fun. If you look on their website, you’ll see a woman dancing right on their homepage.

Word Image 26

Following them on Twitter, you’ll see the same joyful atmop[here. They appear to be a fun team, a playful brand.

Word Image 27

They manage to offer quality and insightful information about video content and offer a positive vibe through all their visuals and copy while communicating with the audience. Their digital marketing is very well equilibrated.

Wistia shows that B2B technology marketing doesn’t have to be dull and boring. The brand has a personality, and people love them. This is an example of brand exposure made right. Moreover, a lot of their post contains pictures with the staff, people that work behind the brand, which means that they encourage the idea of getting to know the people more besides the brand itself.

3. Help Scout – Make an Impact in the World

Help Scout is a help desk software that creates insightful articles helpful for any business. Their blog is full with lots of helpful customer service questions and answers templates picturing all sorts of situations. They are keen on creating relationship marketing.

Recently, they created a beautiful cause to be closer to their target market and the people that find themselves in their campaign, named #HelpScoutForGood. Their initiative supports environmental sustainability, human rights, and diversity and inclusion in tech:

Word Image 28

Help Scout’s goal is to teach and learn, but also to enjoy and be passionate. And they value their people. If you look on their about page, you’ll see a list of lots of people that are making Help Scout awesome, where you can meet the team.

Word Image 29

While growth is important, team and values are paramount.

Help Scout

4. Slack – Focus on Delivering Great Customer Experience

Slack is a team collaboration software tools and online services. They’ve experienced a spectacular growth right from the beginning. When they launched in 2014, they had 15,000 users and six months later rose to 171,000. And now Slack passes 10 million daily active users.

Their secret is delivering high quality user experience and customer service. Right from the beginning, Slack focused on selling marketing solutions and not a software product. Even on their Twitter account, they have lots of #SlackTips helping their users to achieve better results and acknowledging more information regarding customer relationship management. Their purpose is solving customer’s’ pain points.

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In the idea of helping others, they deliver a high-quality podcast named “Work in Progress” where they talk about the exciting career path that some people take. Focusing on storytelling, Slack found an innovative way of telling people’s stories by helping others in their work.

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Building digital marketing strategies for technology companies isn’t such a hard thing to do. You need to think about your brand’s values and act accordingly. Value your audience by offering solutions to their problems and don’t focus on promoting your product. Then be transparent and present the team that works together to help them.

Add a little bit of personality and stand out in the crowd. Show to your audience why your unique and make and impact in the world and online.

Don’t take your audience for granted and always get better. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. What matters is human interaction. And you can always take a peek at your competition to get new marketing ideas.

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