Search Engine Optimisation Pricing

We attract your potential buyers from search and turn them into your customers.
SEO with payment for TOP-10 phrases
Promotion on keywords, pay-per occupied position in the search engine
SEO with pay-per-visitor
Increase site traffic by removing the top large number of low-frequency queries
SEO of young sites
The solution aims at eliminating the age of the site, with at least 1 year in the leading positions of search engines
Conversion rate optimisation
We’re analysing the behaviour of your site visitors, to improve its usability, calls and sales

What is SEO?

What we got for your company
Increasing site traffic
Increase your profits
Growth in the number of requests and calls
Increasing brand awareness

Different types of SEO PRICING MODELS for Every Niche

Our SEO packages are tailored to suit your budget and business ambitions. We focus only on what can be achieved to help you reach your revenue goals. Since every client is different, as well as their market/industry positioning and circumstances, we cannot offer generic pricing or packages. Instead, we customise our services accordingly, to meet your demands and budget.

Pricing options


Good for small budgets and concise, specific tasks. You can opt for payment by the hour, but it’s not recommended unless it’s a small volume of work. For bigger tasks that take time, it’s a lot more advantageous to choose a package. Mini-audits, loading speed tests or writing a few pieces of copy are good tasks for hourly rates. As these are minimal, low complexity jobs.


Some digital agencies offer fixed prices for certain SEO services. We’d rather set-up an SEO campaign, which means a complex effort to bring your online business to a higher rank. If you only improve certain segments, it may not render the whole more efficient.

However, if our clients know precisely what they need (SEO Audit, On Page SEO, etc.) and they communicate it as such, then we can offer a fixed price service. This isn’t recommended when you are confused about which improvements to make or when you want a complete strategy that fixes all weak spots and genuinely lifts your website to a better spot.

Fixed Price can only be used once, in which case we are talking about one off payment. It is also possible to renew the contract on a monthly basis. Thus we are referring to a Monthly Fixed Price.


The most frequently used system within the professional SEO industry, it is also the most advantageous to clients. This is the approach that enables top SEO campaign results. The best option by far, SEO Monthly Retainer refers to all individual aspects contained within a complete SEO campaign.

Duration: minimum three months for a small scale campaign (few competitors), six months for medium-level businesses and least one year for companies facing a highly competitive market. SEO work is ongoing. Therefore it makes sense for committed businesses to adopt this strategy. With every month that passes, we assess the contribution of our services so that we can tailor the next month’s approach and yield more.

Why is there no Fixed Price for a complete, professional SEO campaign?

It’s because the real price for complete SEO services is shaped in the end by a whole series of very important factors, which are not always obvious from the start.

Factors that influence SEO services costs

  • Competition

How competitive your business is? A high-level SEO competition entails more work and more time, thus making the price go higher. The more competitive the business, the more effort it takes to bring it closer to the top of Google search results.

Keyword competitivity is equally relevant, as companies within the same niche are struggling to have a bigger influence over the same keywords. In a crowded niche, with plenty of strong competitors, consistent SEO effort is required, therefore a bigger budget, too.

  • Industry/Niche

Your business belongs to a bigger or smaller, more or less competitive niche. Search keywords like “lawyer”, “insurance” or “travel” group a very large number of businesses, therefore if you target these you will be facing a rough competition. This translates to bigger SEO efforts and a higher budget.

  • Type of Business

Start-ups and small companies require less work. Medium and large or custom companies call for intensive work and ongoing optimisation.

  • Location

You may choose to have a local or a national campaign. Local SEO campaigns are based on a specific city. These are defined by “keyword + city name’. For example, take “digital agency London” or “digital agency Birmingham”, with the former being the more competitive one.

  • Website Condition

New websites begin from scratch, starting with an SEO Audit, essential to on-page optimisation. The presence of technical errors requires more work. Old websites call for a complete (including off-page) audit, as well as link building, penalty check, etc.

  • Available Budget

Depending on your budget, we select together the SEO solutions to implement. Your investment is also up to the required campaign complexity.

Hiring SEO professionals will cost you money, but if you don’t do it, it will cost you money and time… or even lead your business to its downfall.

How long until you see results?

This depends on your business target, on the selected service(s) and the effort required. The market you’re on will also influence results speed. Don’t trust so-called professionals who claim to get you the #1 spot within a certain time frame. It takes a good analysis and the tailoring of different strategies, month by month, to get a business on the right track and create consistent growth.

Get in touch to discuss a possible time frame and select a suitable package, according to your requirements.

Free SEO audit, report of your website

Your website will be scanned and checked for On page, off page, domain authority, social engagement and other SEO factors. Not only that but we will also do competition analysis. Receive 5 point evaluation covering 60 major aspects

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    Our Best Offer

    Website SEO

    Starts from £499 per month

    • Pay for website traffic
    • SEO of 10 search phrases at least
    • Creating semantic core
    • Correction of technical errors
    • Creating of website content
    • On page optimization
    • Conversion rate optimization
    • Increasing of website usability
    • Increasing of website commercial factors
    • Improving of website structure


    Special offer


    Yell, Scoot, Manta, ThomsonLocal, TouchLocal, 2Findlocal, Hotfrog, Foursquare, Yelp, 192, Tupalo, Brownbook, Cylex, The Independent, The Sun, MyLocal Services, Central Index, Bing, Yalwa, Factual, Opendi, Around Me, ShowMeLocal.

    Work process

    Analysis of the market and competitors
    Creating semantic core
    On-page optimisation
    Fixing technical errors
    Improving site usability
    Analysis of results

    SEO - the most profitable channel to attract customers to your business. Send your request now and get an individual offer!


    We will choose the methods and tools that will work according to your business processes and tasks.

      SEO Pricing Packages

      Choose your best monthly Plan
      • for small businessStandard

      • Basic SEO Audit
      • Competitor Analysis (Up to 3 Competitors)
      • Target 10 Relevant Keywords
      • Keywords Competition (Low to Medium)
      • Basic On Page SEO Optimisation
      • Basic Website Speed Optimisation
      • Content Marketing Creation (2 Web Blog Posts/monthly)
      • Link Building 5 (minimum 2 High Quality Links)
      • Guest Blog Outreach (1 Post)
      • Monthly SEO / Ranking Reports
      • Quote
      • Enquiry
      • Popular serviceProfessional

      • Advanced SEO Audit
      • Competitor Analysis (Up to 5 Competitors)
      • Target 25 Keywords
      • Keywords Competition (Medium)
      • Advanced On Page SEO Optimisation
      • Advanced Website Speed Optimisation
      • Content Marketing Creation (3 Web Blog Posts/monthly)
      • Link Building 10 (minimum 3 High Quality Links)
      • Guest Blog Outreach (2 Posts)
      • Social Media Posting
      • Monthly SEO / Ranking Reports
      • Quote
      • Enquiry
      • for serious businessPlatinum

      • Advanced SEO Audit
      • In Depth Competitor Analysis (Up to 10 Competitors)
      • Target 50+ Keywords
      • Keywords Competition (Medium & High)
      • Advanced On Page Optimisation
      • Advanced Website Speed Optimisation
      • Content Marketing Creation (4 Blog Posts/monthly)
      • Link Building 10+ (minimum 4 High Quality Links)
      • Guest Blog Outreach (3 Posts)
      • Social Media Posting
      • Video & Slideshare Posting
      • Press Release Writing & Distribution
      • Monthly SEO / Ranking / Traffic Reports
      • Quote
      • Enquiry