Competitor Analysis & Research

Best practices of SEO Competitor Analysis & Research
Competitor Analysis

We provide high-quality services of Competitive Analysis and Research. It’s include:

  1. Identify your keywords
  2. Identify your competitors
  3. Analyse Your Competitors
  4. Competition’s Backlinks
  5. Determine the authority of your competitors
  6. Competition’s Presence on Social Media

What we do?

Identify Keywords
Competitor Backlinks
Identify Competitors
Competitor Authority
Analyse Competitors
Social Media Presence







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Our Competitor Analysis strategy, helps you to understand the competition in your niche, to establish the most profitable keywords and start the effective link building campaign.

This isn’t about copying competitors, but about choosing the most efficient strategies to implement and to strengthen your efforts.

You can actually steal their traffic through your own optimised strategies and content! (nothing illegal here – remember, we’re not copying).

Our Competitor Analysis service is ideal for the beginning of your campaign.

Don’t stop at having only one or a few of the main factors tracked down. A serious job calls for analysing all the factors involved in online success.

BestSEO4u commits to a complete and in-depth process so that you can enjoy an almost unfair advantage. Competitor analysis is the key to the most fruitful SEO.

BestSEO4u has the tools to observe and measure competitor traffic, but also backlink quality and quantity, as well as the software to find the keywords. With these tools, we can also analyse the page content for attractiveness and efficiency.

Your Advantage? You will know all the reasons why similar businesses in your niche score higher and get more traffic. We use these to improve and power up our marketing strategy, to yield superior results.

You’ll no longer waste your time creating content around irrelevant keywords that people never search for, or resources on non-efficient marketing. Besides, you will know how to build links to benefit you the most by knowing the better link opportunities.

Organic search efforts streamlined by unearthing successful strategies

When you’re just looking at a competing website, you cannot simply guess its strengths. You can’t tell which pages capture traffic and why. However, what your competitors are doing to be successful is not an industry secret.

With the proper tools, we dig out their tactics and methods, all the way to the page content and the links they built, to see what gets them the traffic.

Beat your Competitor

Are you worried about your direct competitors being ahead of you?

Do you feel intimidated by the massive audience other sites have built, while you’re just starting?

Would you like to know how your competitors get their clients and why they’re ranking so high?

Are you ready to find out the secrets to success in your own niche?

Competitor analysis is the real key to a successful Marketing Strategy. Every good SEO campaign should begin with a proper analysis.

When you’re out there as a company/brand, you want to draw traffic to your own site and not let your competitors get the clients.

However, you may find it almost impossible when they already have strong websites, doing business for years in your industry and getting all the clients. How do you make people pay attention to YOU? Here’s how.

We can find your business rivals by spying what these websites in your industry do in order to get the lead. This practice helps us streamline our efforts and update own strategies, integrating new tactics to help you climb higher.

In-depth, targeted Competitor Analysis helps us gather information, based on which we determine the best marketing strategy for each client.

The first step: to identify your business niche with great precision.

The second step: we find the top websites doing business in this particular niche.

We spy these websites to derive their ways of getting consistent organic search results.

We proceed to keyword research, so we can find the ones they’re using successfully.

Our specialists identify and integrate those keywords that people search for most often, directing clients to your website instead of theirs.  Thus, your marketing strategy benefits of the powerful keywords your competitors are using.

We track their backlinks and domain authority.

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