10 Pay Per Click Best Blogs to Follow

PPC blogs to follow

Internet marketing trends and tactics change, but Pay Par Click remains strong. What fuels its popularity? PPC gets webmasters and advertising networks in contact, enabling the posting of relevant ads in various places on the web, to be seen by interested users. As these click on such ads, both revenue and traffic for the client are being generated.

If you opt for PPC to promote your online business and grow traffic, you only get to pay for those users who actually click on the ad to get to your page. This is a most economical method, which is why so many small businesses prefer it.

Because Pay Per Click has its particular set of challenges, people need an expert’s advice to understand how it works and how to make the most of it. Simply signing up with Google’s AdWords is not going to yield results. Besides, there are brands that employ PPC with great success – what could their secret be?

They have campaign managers and professional ad creators who can tailor smart advertisement copy, who choose the best keywords to use and who learn a lot of tactics from leading performers.

If you wish to find out the secrets of the industry, you must keep an eye on what its gurus have to share. For this reason, we have selected the top PPC blogs for you to follow:

bg Theory (now the Certified Knowledge Blog)

If you’re trying to make your way with Google AdWords, then this blog is for you. It belongs to a qualified AdWords professional and published author, Brad Geddes, who also leads Google seminars on the topic.

Brad was appointed by Yahoo! as their Search Marketing Ambassador so you can only expect the best from this man. Search for his tips on lowering the minimum bid with AdWords and you will not regret it. What’s also interesting about this is how Brad manages to find hidden AdWords functionality, which he tests himself and then recommends to marketers.

Bryan Eisenberg

Bryan and his brother are two online marketing giants who have written extremely useful books on the topic and spoken at numerous conferences around the globe, thus establishing their name as one of the most reliable in the business.

Everything is top quality on their blog and you can find tips that teach you how to make your PPC campaigns more effective, easier, cheaper and so on – whichever your main concern may be. You will find countless bits of expert advice to fuel success, along with myth-busting articles and PPC lies revealed.

SEM Geek

This is a blog written by a recently awarded Semmy winner. His name is Greg Meyers and is widely recognised as an Internet marketing expert. He can teach you all about paid search optimisation, but also about making the catchiest landing pages.

This is essential, considering that once you get people to click through, you must do your best to avoid disappointing them. When your landing page fails, you lose every client the PPC campaign would’ve gotten you.

In addition, you can learn about new trends in the industry and discover tools that you can use in your PPC campaign creation and marketing. Delve into PPC analysis and get your MSN AdCenter knowledge from this blog.

PPC Hero

This blog is a team effort – various professionals contribute to its growth and provide readers with large amounts of tips and complete strategies concerning Google and Yahoo! Paid advertising services.

This is the place to discover future trends, so you can get ahead in your PPC game. You will learn about the advertising algorithms and principles of giant platforms such as Facebook, so you can figure out how to use these to your advantage, as well as about topics like bid automation techniques.

It’s where digital marketers come to study the industry, find out what’s newly revealed and what one can do to build more successful PPC campaigns. The blog is updated on a daily basis and gives one all the necessary knowledge on how to implement actual solutions. Besides Facebook PPC, it also caters to other platforms, including Google’s and MSN’s.

PPC Blog

Learn about Affiliate PPC, Google AdSense and Adsbot, MSN, Yahoo!, Microsoft Adcenter and more. Find out how to improve your landing page quality, too.

A lot of posts are technical and may feel dry to the average reader, but if you browse the blog enough you will come across interesting posts and tips for the PPC Internet marketer. In most cases, this is where readers get the news about emerging tools and strategies in the business.

Inside AdWords

Where do all committed AdWords users and experts get their news from? It is from Google’s official AdWords blog, of course. This is where all official updates get published but you will also find precious tips for any level. Staying tuned to this blog is a must when you are a Google AdSense user.

Note: in case you are doing PPC advertising with Yahoo! instead of Google, then you need to keep an eye on it’s Search Marketing blog.

PPC Blog

At ppcblog.com/blog you’ll find a pay-per-click training community and an endless resource for any related content. Some well-seasoned specialists post on this blog, sharing their advanced knowledge in ways everyone can grasp, useful to both the advertiser and the affiliate. The content is rich, varied and can indeed give someone proper Pay Per Click ‘training’, so to speak.

Click Equations

The site hosts a blog that groups some of the coolest writers in the PPC field. They are both smart and passionate about what they do and you can sense this as you begin to read. In consequence, you start to feel galvanised and do more for your pay-per-click success.

The main paid search writers here are Alex Cohen and Craig Danuloff. You will get trends, news and updates regarding paid search, as well as tips on various tactics that will boost your know-how.

There are even articles that reach far into the actual philosophy of PPC so you can get at its core and take a better decision in future, in a natural manner, coming from a real understanding on the topic.

SEM Science

The SEM Science blog may be confusing, as it does not follow the usual structure at all. Instead of displaying regular articles, it provides insights on the PPC general philosophy, with different-angle perspectives, to show you things in a new light.

Through it, you will be reconsidering the various elements of paid search and will feel prompted to take action. Manage your campaigns with fresh energy, learn how to set your goals and how to identify the campaign strengths and weaknesses yourself.

Search Engine Watch

This is not a PPC blog but has a section dedicated to the matter. Its number of followers proves its quality and usefulness. Online marketers visit it frequently and anyone interested in Pay Per Click benefits of new articles being posted several times a week. You will learn techniques in detail and be inspired to take action since every piece of advice is applicable.

We did the search work for you, so you don’t have to search the web for days on end to find reliable PPC blogs. Consult your favourites on the list on a regular basis and you will see your game improve within a short time.

PPC may sound easy at first, but once you dive into it, you realise it is much harder than initially thought – that’s why you need comprehensive resources with explanatory guides and how-tos.

No one can have enough knowledge and skill without appropriate resources. With proper education, you will know how to control the costs of your campaigns too and thus to invest low amounts for clicks.

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