10 Signs Your Business Needs a New Web Design Right Now

business needs new web design

If the last time you worked with a web designer was years ago, your company might need a website design refresh. New design produces more leads and makes you competitive. It can e your winning card when SEO and marketing strategies can only do that much.

To redesign a website means to make modifications for actualisation and optimisation. It will not be as expensive as doing everything from scratch since it will work on elements that are already there. When a website is old, it affects a business in many ways – from an outdated and unattractive styling to malfunctions that chase away visitors or even take your website off the charts.

New Professional Web Design is like a facelift

Even when you are born perfect, the passing of time eventually leaves its mark, and you start investing in various procedures to restore your exterior beauty. Pretty much the same thing happens to websites, too. They don’t necessarily get wrinkly but rather slow, outdated, unattractive and boring. Some features may become useless.

Technology evolves so fast, and the changes in the virtual sphere can quickly render certain design elements superfluous. It may even look ridiculous, and yes, average viewers do sense the difference between a modern and an old look. That is when you need to consider redesigning. It’s like a refreshing cosmetic procedure – an update that makes your website relevant again.

Website redesign means rebranding

Simply put, to redesign is to rebrand. If your company is falling behind, it may be because of its image, which is outdated or uninteresting. Perhaps you did not have the right professionals to work on it from the start. Many now successful entrepreneurs have tried countless versions and went through many different options until they found a genuinely suitable one. Don’t be afraid of trial and error; it’s the road to success.

A new web design means you are revamping your online image and all the key elements that compose it. Or, you can choose only a few of these elements. For example, your logo may stay the same, but the other graphics around it may change. It is like Coca Cola redesigning its label but keeping the famous logo intact. In any case, it will give your brand a fresh, exciting look that will intrigue your website visitors and make them curious.

  1. Not mobile-friendly enough

That is a severe issue nowadays when people use smartphones extensively to surf the web. While websites can be responsive on different screens and devices, they may not load correctly in their entirety. Some elements may be skewed, and the font or image size fail to adapt. The solution is to inquire on responsive website design and have online specialists make your site 100% adaptable and quick to load, so nothing is missed.

  1. You don’t like where your site is in engine search results

You’d think web design has nothing to do with SEO, but that isn’t true. Since it can create a positive or negative experience for your readers, it certainly has the power to bring your site up or down in search engine results. If you don’t like where your site appears on that page as you look for its key terms, then maybe it’s time to make some significant updates. You could be lagging behind, missing on some essential tactics.

  1. Difficult navigation

Sometimes the design can be aesthetically pleasing, modern and attractive, yet visitors have a hard time accessing the information stored on your pages. In this case, there is a fault of layout or architecture. It was like a beautiful mansion equipped with stunning furniture but made like a labyrinth where everyone gets lost.

It’s exhausting and frustrating. You don’t want that for your visitors, the bounce off rate will be staggering. To fix it, give a shout to professional web design services you can rely on, to make it all smooth and easy for precise navigation. A redesign is proven to boost SEO.

  1. The loading speed is poor

A slow loading speed means your visitors will quickly lose their patience and move on to your competitors. A page can load slowly because of a complicated design or of too big images, for example. According to surveys and statistics, users want the sites they visit to load in 3 seconds at most. How does yours perform? What keeps it behind? Request a site audit to find out where the problem lies.

  1. The experience feels invasive

Marketers often do too much to catch the attention of visitors. They use pop-ups, auto-playing music and videos to quickly immerse them in the brand experience they aimed to create. This can be excessive. Users want to be in control of what happens online.

They don’t like it when the site itself takes control by playing media on its own or when they’re faced with loads of unwanted pop-ups they now have to click on to close. It’s invasive and conflicts with the desire and expectation to control the online experience. Do a website redesign to get rid of such annoyances.

  1. Your content is old

You may have invested in it, and perhaps it was good in its time, but right now you feel that your site content presents no interest to viewers. You feel it lacks the engaging factor or the novelty. Rewriting or updating content is also part of a successful website redesign. This also has the power to boost your SEO considerably and thus help your business rank higher in search engine results.

  1. You find it hard to update site content

Not everything is visitor-focused. Good web design also makes things easy for the user, the admin, the owner. If you cannot understand the control panel or the platform/interface frustrates you, your online venture won’t be going smoothly. Instead of a few minutes only, updating your site and adding new content may take hours. That’s not what you want. Talk to a professional and ask them to make this task easier by redesigning effectively.

  1. You are more impressed by your competitors

This is a big warning sign. Of course we are expected to be impressed by what the bigger and older players in our industry are doing; after all, they are a source of inspiration and the standard to strive for. However, when you’ve done enough work, but you’re still feeling they’re way ahead in terms of online image (not focusing here on revenue or fans – just the virtual image of the brand), then you should worry about the design.

Even when you are far from being an expert, your senses signal to you that what you see on your website isn’t as professional, as polished and attractive as on other sites. This is the time to reconsider the web design and the branding elements. A complete redo will also solve any inconsistencies there might be. Keep in mind that your competitors are not using any kind of magic or out-of-this world tricks. They rely on the same type of professional services and expertise you too can have access to.

  1. There is no visual appeal

Some of our clients thought that, if they have excellent written content, there is no more need for anything else. This is a wrong approach. People require visual stimuli. Even if they’re OK without these on a website, they will not have a memory of it, or they will feel any attraction. That is how we function and the Internet is definitely focused on attracting and engaging through beautiful visuals. Avoiding these can simply mean the death of your business.

If you only relied on text and menus, do a complete makeover and start inserting graphic elements. It’s understandable if you’re not feeling confident about this– not everyone is gifted in this regard. In that case, you can hire a web design expert or a graphics professional to insert suitable images and other elements in the right amount and the right places. Calibration is essential; you don’t want to overdo this.

  1. Your site is using outdated technology

You may not be aware of it, but there are certain types of software or IT solutions that are totally obsolete. These can actually cause loading problems and other serious malfunctions. For example, anything in Flash isn’t well received nowadays. Search engines fail to rank high any sites using it. Any Adobe Flash elements like graphics or animations were fancy about a decade ago but not anymore.

There are browsers (Mozilla Firefox), as well as Apple products that simply block Flash. You need your business website cleaned of all that. Also, someone will have to replace the elements lost with new and compatible ones.

A website refresh should be scheduled every five years. It isn’t a luxury only big companies consider. It is something of great importance when you aim to acquire more leads and improve your sales. Therefore, get in touch to discuss this matter and find a reasonable price for you – our web design agency has helped plenty of British and foreign companies get revamped.

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