Backlinks in 2017: The Best Ways to Acquire Them

Backlinks 2017

The goal to build high-quality backlinks in 2017 can prove unattainable unless you’ve paid attention not only to the changes and trends but also to recent online user behaviour. Quality backlinks are essential to ranking high in search engine results.

Since top businesses choose to pay a lot of money for these, they must be quite lucrative than, right? If you’re unsure about how to handle link building and feel scared about the possible risks and penalties, then you will find this guide useful. In 2017, the idea is to build fewer backlinks but increase their quality and stay focused on the results.

Why you need backlinks?

You cannot have a successful SEO campaign unless there are backlinks to support it. As we have worked on numerous SEO campaigns, we are aware of what works in this regard and what doesn’t. You obtain a backlink when an external website links to your own – that is when it posts a piece of content integrating a link to your domain.

Thus, its readers can click on it and be taken straight to your pages. It’s an effective way to draw attention, to build your online reputation and eventually get customers. The more such links you have on various websites with substantial traffic, the more visible your business becomes, increasing your traffic and revenue.

The best way to acquire backlinks in 2017?

There are certain sure-fire strategies to raise your brand from the ground through backlinks. Generally, this is what it’s all about. You are expected to do the following:

  • Improve website architecture,
  • Create valuable content,
  • Focus on quality, not quantity (it’s an old rule actually, but it still needs to be repeated),
  • Enhance the user experience,
  • Always be relevant,
  • Carefully select and distribute your anchor texts.

For the content itself, you must consider the general theme of the website you’re placing the link on because that’s what’s going to make your post relevant to the given context. Don’t risk being a huge disappointment to whoever clicks through.

There has to be consistency through and through. This means that everything must be in line and inscribed to the same theme or topic: the authority website you’ve chosen, the post, your website or at least the page you’re sending readers too.

Another important rule is to select strong websites, for optimal results. A sure sign of strength here is a high and constant income of traffic. You need an audience, and this is the way to get it. As for the user experience and the website’s own merit, you have to look into the technical aspect.

Anchor texts – which are the new rules?

We’ve seen all sorts of mistakes regarding anchor texts. These are the keywords or groups of terms hyperlinked in the text with your URL. Some are too short; others are too long. The worst of all is when the post is suffocated with anchor text. The correct distribution is essential, therefore never exaggerate with the density.

A rule of thumb is to place your anchors at least 100 words apart. You are free to use the naked URL, no need to ‘mask’ it with other terms. Or, simply go for the brand you’re trying to promote. Vary your anchor text, don’t repeat it throughout. Find long-tail variations and synonyms to include. Balance and common sense are vital when selecting and using anchor text.

The challenges of acquiring good backlinks

It’s true; not everyone can obtain high-quality backlinks that work. The trouble is that it usually costs and, besides that, it takes time. It is perfectly understandable that most business owners or marketing strategists simply don’t manage to focus on the matter and thus outsource the task to specialists.

Also, the content must match the expectations of readers; it needs to be as attractive and relevant as possible. This is where digital agencies come into the picture – especially their content creators. As an established London digital agency, we have succeeded in making room for our clients to an already saturated, highly competitive market.

The amount of information available is staggering, which has pushed us to create top notch, amazing content to include the links to our clients’ websites. Because this takes a considerable effort, it comes with a fair price. However, once good backlinks are acquired, they start doing their job immediately and continuously. These stop working only when the content becomes outdated.

The vital role of content

When you decide to get backlinks, you should have a content strategy. It also requires strong writing skills. Without good content, all your other efforts are in vain. You can’t optimise your site but fail to improve the content; it’s going to render that effort unfruitful.

Content is what creates the leads, ultimately. Remember that, when people search online, they search for content. This is what you must give them, and it has to be of superior quality because you’re competing with many others. Don’t put useless pressure on yourself, though; you don’t have to be a genius who creates the best content the world has seen.

It’s enough to put some honest effort into it and especially to address the issues, questions, desires your readers may have. Do that for all the content involved – the piece that gets the link as well as the page that is clicked for.

The role of site architecture and optimisation in successful backlinking

You absolutely need to have a good website architecture for these links to work in your favour. The better it becomes, the fewer such links you are going to need. You also must pay attention to what kind of page you are linking. Is it a generic category that probably doesn’t feel too interesting or is there an inspirational, compelling, attractive blog post or offer page?

Many choose to link to well-crafted landing pages, where each element is designed to lead to conversions. Technical optimisation is also important. This is why online business owners usually ask for a comprehensive package from SEO agencies.

These contain all the essential services, including the creation of great content with backlinks. Then, they entirely focus on the user experience, which means optimising the website, its load speed, the mobile responsiveness and so on. Fixing technical errors is vital, and you may not be aware of such issues when you are not working in the field.


Link building is one of the ranking factors that cannot be ignored. The more other websites link to you, the better you are seen by search engines – it’s a sign that you are valuable. Besides, you will be getting the right kind of traffic, which gets you exactly those visitors who are genuinely interested and compatible. It doesn’t come that easily, though.

Not everyone knows that there is a dark side to backlinking. So-called ‘experts’ who employ faulty tactics may end up doing a lot of harm – such as attracting penalties for your website. This is a too big risk and what you want to do is to link to real websites and grow your reputation naturally.

A sure approach is to work with digital professionals who can cater to all the tasks involved here – content creation and link placement. You do have to pay for these services, but you save countless hours, days even, and results will show for a long time to come.

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