How SEO and Content Writing Can Turn You into a Star in Months


SEO and celebrity – two things that don’t seem to go hand in hand in many contexts. Search engine optimisation is, after all, a kind of work that happens behind the scenes, to make websites and businesses succeed online. How can that make you famous? It is quite simple actually: by making your content viral and spreading your name far and wide.

SEO plays a huge role in content sharing patterns, and we all know how much traffic that can yield. When done properly, it can propel you to a level you never hoped to reach.

Content writing as a vital part of SEO

If you’ve ever dealt with a professional SEO service, you must have noticed how it provides much more than what you would normally expect. The team can handle content creation as well, to make every page of your website, social media profile and any online communication as qualitative and attractive as possible.

As a competitive London digital agency, we also offer comprehensive content writing services as an integrative part of our winning Internet marketing strategy. We’ll take you through the reasons why this is so important:

  • Well written content is your best place for introducing and displaying the right keywords and key phrases. Whichever terms you aim to rank for, will be presented in top-notch, well-crafted texts that meet the demands of your targeted audience.
  • Links are equally important, therefore will be present in the text, with just the right amount and at the best places. This allows you to link to high authority sites as well as to your own pages.
  • Search-engine optimised content written by experts is engaging, informative, entertaining, pertinent and therefore valuable. It communicates that your brand is strong, helpful and serious about its mission. It can convey your uniqueness, too. All these aspects draw traffic and build you a solid brand reputation.
  • Every new piece of content signals to search engines that you are active and you mean business online. The more you post, the better your ranking and traffic become. This is why it is so important to write great content with regularity, at least twice a week.
  • Written content is the best way to express what’s on your mind or talk about what makes your business unique and special. Even when it is unrelated, you can still make posts that go viral. The idea is to attract people’s attention and to inspire them to share it further.

What makes content viral?

According to various online studies, there are certain aspects of shared content that makes it go viral. All the successful pieces exhibit at least one of the factors below:

  • Utility
  • Emotion
  • Inspiration
  • The entertainment factor
  • Form/presentation

First of all, content needs to be useful to get shared. People love to find out something that may help them at some point, and since they like to feel helpful to others too, they feel inclined to pass it further. This is the bit of psychology behind it. If the content is useful, they will also feel useful by sharing it with others.

Sometimes, all we want is a good laugh or simply to satisfy our curiosity, even if it’s about a random topic. This points us the entertaining value of content found online. Emotion and inspiration are other important factors that are common to great content.

Viewers need to connect through a certain emotion, be it positive or negative – an emotion that stirs them or evokes memories. It could also be something related to the future, like fear or hope. To be successful, strive to give a solution to their concerns or to boost their hopes, for example.

People are also expecting to be inspired by what they read. If you’re offering them a solution or an answer to their questions, you’re doing good in that regard. You may also try to make them feel better about themselves or the world, show them how to do something, teach or simply offer a new perspective on a given topic. We’re often browsing the web to find out more and to become better people.

The form and presentation refer to how the content is formatted and shown to the world, but also to its actual type – like video, text, image, quiz. As far as written content is concerned, lists are the most popular online and get the most shares.

As for the size, it does not really matter, studies show. One piece of viral content can be either very short or long. It depends on what it is about and what of the factors above it relies on.

Viral content and branding

Viral content gets plenty of attention and reaches far beyond your usual audience. This has the biggest potential to get you new streams of traffic. The more people get acquainted to your brand or name, the better it becomes.

As previously mentioned, the ranking and reputation are being enhanced. If you have a logo for example, not only that it gets seen by more, but also it becomes more of a symbol, it gains popularity. To help your branding efforts, you should consider creating content that goes viral.

However, to achieve that, it takes someone with a strong knowledge of the market, the industry and maybe its history, too. This is why the big companies always collaborate with branding specialists and expert content creators. A huge advantage of viral pieces is that these can bring you incredible amounts of traffic without much of expenditure.

You’re paying for the content, no other strategies or expensive ad campaigns. Once you have a piece of viral content, you become known for it. It’s what pretty much what everyone online dreams about. People associate your name to that piece and will remember you in future.

Many of them will actually follow you in hopes of finding similar pieces to inform or entertain them. Then, it all becomes much easier when you’re somewhat famous. The more you improve your web content, the more your brand image grows and perfects itself.

Popular SEO posts are optimised ideally

All the viral posts out there are no strangers of good SEO. Of course, SEO isn’t everything, your content has to provide value in itself and be of a real help to readers, but by enhancing it through adequate optimisation, you’re giving it more of a chance at being viral.

After all, it still needs to reach people in order to be appreciated and this won’t happen on its own. Keyword selection and placement, link insertion, meta tags and descriptions, URLs and so on are all of a high importance. You may call these the technical aspects that make the difference. They will make your post agreeable to search engines.

Viral posts and SEO go hand in hand. If you are unsure about how to tackle these aspects, here at BestSEO4u, we can cater to every aspect most professionally.

From SEO basics to the intricacies of content writing, we handle the entire process of making you trustworthy and, why not, famous online.

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