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Don’t Hire Professional SEO Services London before reading our guide

Are you scared to find how to choose the right professional SEO services in London for your website?

Yes, every small business owners are now afraid to hire an ethical SEO specialist or company.

If you lack search engine marketing skills, you need to hire an SEO company or expert who can become a long-term partner.

Hiring an SEO consultant or expert in London can make or even break your business.

Therefore, you need to follow a few things before hiring an SEO expert or an agency for your business.

A real SEO can help you make 100,000 dollars per month, but if you fail to choose the best SEO agency or expert, you could lose your existing traffic or even get a Google penalty.

So it’s most important to select a reliable SEO agency or professional very carefully nowadays.

Don’t worry about it. In this post, I’m going to share with you my guide with top questions that you must follow on how to choose the right SEO expert for your website.

But before going into the topic, you need to understand the type of search engines optimisation campaign you can run based on your business sizes, such as small, medium and large.

A Step by Step Guide to Choose Professional SEO Consultant In London for Your Online Success:

  1. Individual SEO expert – It’s a freelancer who is offering SEO services.
  2. SEO agency – This type of company offers different plans for their SEO services.
  3. In-house SEO team – If your business is large, you should set up or hire SEO experts for your in-house team.

Type of business vs Number of SEO's

Note: A good SEO is not costing you low prices. A good SEO is starting from $1000/month. But a high price doesn’t guarantee you to rank.

You need to be more careful and pay attention to the answers from any SEO agency or expert you will hire.

Let’s look at the questions you should ask when you are struggling to hire an SEO company or expert.

Why Hire Right SEO Consultant or Agency In London?

Are you a start-up owner, blogger, small business owner, medium & large business owner?

Looking to increase your website on Google Ranking for your targeted search terms is the right place to know before hiring or choosing an SEO agency or expert for your marketing campaign.

There are plenty of small business owners posting SEO jobs on Upwork and hiring a low-cost SEO agency in the local search or finding from Indian SEO companies.

But I have noticed that most of them provide black hat SEO for their clients who come for low-cost SEO.

Look at it below:

Black Hat SEO

Check this to solve the black hat SEO.

I have noticed they are just providing an unnatural spammy backlink for their client’s website SEO, and that is why most of the clients lost the SEO ranking by hitting the google penalty.

Cheap is not to provide quality of work.

Hiring the right SEO expert can make your business a great success. But 70% of small business owners are failing to find a trustable SEO agency.

Why benefit from choosing the right SEO company for your business in London?

What should you know about hiring or avoid an SEO specialist or agency?

Let’s have a look.

Warning Signs: Top Mistakes to Avoid To Choose a Bad Professional SEO Agency In London

Choosing the wrong SEO expert will be most harmful to your business, and your website might get hit by the Google penalty.

How will you know that your website was hit by Google penalty?

You might notice:

Google Penalty

You must look at the point that I will mention as a warning sign before hiring any SEO expert.

1. If any professional SEO consultant or agency is promising to reach your website traffic such as moon and star result:

It would be best to keep in mind that SEO is a long term investment and process. If someone says they guaranteed your website rank zero to the first-page rank within a few times, this is a big scam.

Big Scam

You might have noticed that many SEO experts are promising or will be promising you to guaranteed first-page rank within a month.

This is not real because Google algorithm is not easy to achieve that result within a month.

Sometimes, you will get the first page on the search engine result page by doing Black hat SEO, but there is no guarantee that you will stay in the position.

You’ll see the drop-down from a week.

2. If any SEO Consultant is not talking about your business goals:

If they are not interested in talking to your business goals so you must avoid them, most of the time, they promise a high number of search engine traffic without knowing or studying your industry niche.

3. You need to check the professional content strategy:

You are choosing the right SEO expert who will optimise your website, so you need to look first at their website, how they have optimised, and how they update content strategy.

You’ll need to be impressed by seeing their content first, and then you will be trusted.

It’ll be clear to you that they are not an advanced SEO expert who understand at all.

So, How to design a content strategy for your business?

A quick example is here:

Advance Content Strategy

4. If any of SEO Professional who has poor communication:

You will notice that every freelance marketer wants to earn some extra money. That’s why they promise guaranteed SEO results.

Before hiring any SEO expert, you need to call or email them to check how they communicate.

5. If any of the professional SEO services agency’s Presentation is Shiny and You fall in love:

Sometimes it will be straightforward to understand what you should avoid while choosing the right ethical SEO expert.

I think you have learned not to judge a book by its cover.

In most cases, you will get the shiny SEO presentation, but you need to check all the points that I have mentioned in this post.

6. If any of London SEO expert who is offering the SECRET SAUCE:

London SEO Expert Secret Sauce

You cannot find any secret sauce of SEO.

There is no secret sauce you can find.

A useful document with a plan can succeed your SEO.

And all the plans are coming from experience and proven strategies. That’s it.

7. If you’re choosing cheap professional SEO services in London:

Cheap is not always for good. When it comes to SEO, you will get only black hat SEO and backlinks to be done at a low cost.

Such as the platform Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour, Freelancer and Guru.

For only SEO, these platforms are not suitable if you’re going for other tasks, so that is good at all.

Know About – White Hat vs Black Hat vs Cowboy Hat SEO:

White Hat vs Black Hat vs Cowboy Hat SEO from Joshua Fletcher on Vimeo.

8. Choosing a local SEO specialist or agency because of Local In London:

The good Is for SEO you can hire from anywhere in the world. This does not mean that you need to hire based on your local market.

London Market

It is not always good to hire a local SEO agency.

You need to check the entire step for any agency you are going to hire.

If you are looking for a Trustable London SEO agency, you might CLICK HERE to get a free quote! Ask for FREE SEO audit for your website now!

9. If you forget to do your research before hiring SEO Professional in London:

Before hiring an SEO expert or agency, you need to do a few types of research on the agency you like to hire.

First, you need to look at the SEO successful case studies.

Kindly you can read their online reviews from Yelp or Google review.

An example of “BestSEO4U a London SEO Agency” Such as:

BestSEO4u London SEO Agency GoodFirms

And then, you need to check their blog how they are updating and research the contents.

Know Before Choosing a Reliable SEO Professional In London:

If you’re ready to hire an SEO company for your website, you first need to set up a list of planning for your content and marketing goals by discussing them with your team.

The right SEO agency will be providing you with enough information about their experience data.

You need to ask about communication and meeting.

How they’re communicating with their clients, and how often is that.

A reputable SEO agency will be contacting you through a phone call, email and face to face meeting. With face to face, a meeting will help you understand more efficiently for both of you.

But the most important to know using white hat techniques and the SEO tools they will be using.

Please have a look at the image below for White hat techniques that really work:

Inbound Marketing

Know The Professional or Agency’s Specialities and Services:

These are simple things, but you need to understand.

You can find most of the agency or expert who says and offers Web design, WordPress development, Social media and SEO services.

They are experts from all aspects of digital marketing as a generic.

But most importantly, they’re not specific areas experts at all.

You need to check a particular expert who offers SEO on-page, SEO technical, SEO backlinks, Guest posts, Contextual link building, Blog content writing, etc.….

Or you might ask questions like-

  • Are you a specialist in service, industry or location?
  • Are you offering more services than SEO?

These two questions are enough to get answers from an SEO company or expert to know.

I always prefer you to go with a specialist expert or agency.

For example, if you are a sick gastric problem, you won’t go to a general doctor. It would help if you went to a doctor who specialises in gastroenterology.

Look at the Past Clients in London and Reviews of that Professional Agency:

This is another most important part to look at their past SEO work.

After that, you need to read the reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp or portfolio websites like G2, Glassdoor, Design Rush, Upcity and Clutch to get more details about the SEO agencies services.

An example image:

SEO Agency on Clutch

It is a great idea to ask them to provide you with the past client’s records.

Next, you should call a few of them to ask for feedback about the SEO agency you will hire.

Also, you may ask their past clients these questions –

  • What did you love about that SEO agency or expert?
  • What is one thing that an SEO agency could help you with?
  • Did you work with any other SEO expert or agency in the past?


Check The London SEO Portfolio And Successful Case Studies:

Before hiring an SEO expert or company, you need to look at their SEO successful case studies. You shouldn’t ignore this by just seeing the list of websites.

It would help if you kept attention to their strategies for past clients and the improved rates.

Another important thing related to an SEO campaign is if they can integrate with PPC and social media.

Other types of questions can be related to their knowledge about your niche:

  • Did you work with any similar industry SEO like me?
  • Are you able to send a few SEO case studies that highlight what you’re offering me?
  • What do you say if I add PPC and social media services just for a few months?


Know About The Professional SEO Process:

When discussing with any SEO agency or expert, you need to ask them to explain the SEO process step by step that they’ll use to accomplish your goals.

In this stage, you need to find who is serious about your website rankings and going deeper to understand your business.

After that, you need to ask them why they like to use a particular process.

70% of customers are always checking online reviews before hiring or buying.

You need to check their track record.

Know-How Professionally Deal With SEO Penalties Of A Website:

How Deal With Penalties Of A Website

Google is now smart and does fight with spam. However, Google always likes high-quality content to promote.

Therefore, updating their algorithm day by day to fight more with spammers.

When a site gets a Google penalty, so it’s tough to recover.

So this is the main point to know how your SEO expert or agency can handle to survive your website from Google penalty.

Ask for detailed answers for this topic.

You must check a case study if they helped to recover any past clients from the Google penalty.

Look at The Detailed Professional SEO Reports:

It would help if you asked for a sample of a working SEO report.

An SEO report should including details month to month works, and they should reporting timely.

You must ask them how often you’ll be receiving the SEO reports and the reports they’ll send you.

Such as

If you want to get some great advice about On-Page SEO, you’ll definitely try one of the best On-page SEO guides from where you can learn everything about technical SEO issues and how to fix them.

Ask for What are SEO strategies works for your better in your industry.

Be Careful About SEO Consultant Link Building Strategies:

This is the most important step for SEO done well or get your website google penalty.

I have noticed, most of my clients, while consulting with me for their website SEO, what to do, or what not to be done.

I saw most of my clients SEO backlinks are spammy and irrelevant with low quality.

I had to suggest they remove by manual action from the google search console.

Anyway, 90% of small business owners are looking for low-cost SEO and hiring an SEO expert or agency from a freelancer website or locally and google search for Indian digital marketing company. They received on-page SEO done right, but what it’s come to off-page SEO link building those are low quality.

Most small businesses think that more links you have more good SEO results can bring, but it’s suitable only for quality backlinks.

For example, if you build 1,000 low-quality backlinks and 4 High-quality backlinks, more good than 1,000 bad backlinks.

Keep in mind that only one low-quality backlink can hurt your website traffic from google.

If you need FREE consulting about it more, reach me via email or phone call. I’ll guide you.

I’ll show you the right profitable way to grow your business with SEO.

Check below about how to do your competitor analysis with SEMrush. It’ll help you a lot.

Know The Price and the Contract Before Choosing any Professional SEO Services In London:

This step depends on your business size and your budget for running SEO.

Price is not always a good indication of any SEO service, but 80% cheap SEO is not good.

But of course, you need to choose your SEO prices based on your budget.

At first, you must ask the SEO expert or agency if there are any extra charges? Or if one-time setup fees are free or not?

If you like to know what is my opinion to you?

  • For a large company global market: Go with Advanced SEO
  • For small businesses local SEO: Go with Here
  • For the individual owner specific SEO task:
  1. On-page SEO: Click here
  2. Backlinks Building: Click Here
  3. Technical SEO and website maintenance: Go here.
  4. Content marketing: Go here.

I’d recommend you to go with these resources just for a time for only a single keyword SEO ranking.

What to Ask Any London SEO Professional Before Hiring Them:

I’m mentioning the list of the best SEO questions that you should ask before hiring any SEO expert or agency.

Ask all the questions and pay attention to the answers.

Let’s have a look below.

    1. How can you boost our website SEO rankings?
    2. How can you change our website?
    3. Can you share your past client’s information and their results?
    4. Do you always follow Google’s guidelines or Whitehat natural SEO?
    5. What are SEO tools will you use? Example: SEMrush, Ahref, Ninjaoutreach, etc.
    6. Will you do Technical SEO, Onpage SEO and Off-Page SEO, all of them?
    7. Can you guarantee google rank #1 for my targeting search term?
    8. How will you send me the SEO report (Weekly, Daily or Monthly), and can I see a sample of an SEO report?
    9. What about the payment structure?
    10. How will I contact you?
    11. If I like to stop SEO so what will happen?
    12. How did you fix penalized sites?
    13. Will you provide SEO up to date with the latest Google algorithm changes?
    14. Why should I choose you over other SEOs?
    15. How many years of SEO experience do you have?
    16. What are the things you need from me?
    17. What about the result you expect to bring for my website and the time frame?
    18. How many keywords will you be targeting for my website?


    Red Flags For Choosing a Wrong Professional SEO Agency in London:

    Red Flags SEO Agency London

    The attention these are the list to red flags instantly an SEO specialist or company.

    1. A meagre price SEO service that offers a high list of work.
    2. An SEO agency promising you to index your website in a day.
    3. If any agency or professional says SEO guaranteed 1st-page google ranking within a week/month.
    4. Huge list of search engines submission.
    5. If offering thousands of backlinks will be building for your website.
    6. If any expert says he/she/they know someone inside of the google team for SEO ranking.


    You must follow all the points mentioned in this guide to choose the right SEO expert or agency and tips to know the scam or bad SEO agency.

    This is the key to finding the trustable SEO agency for your website.

    Bonus: A Great Slide For Choosing Right SEO Expert:

    Conclusion about Choosing a Right Professional SEO services Agency in London For Website:

    SEO is a long-running road that you need to find a good SEO partner for your business to go with.

    SEO does not give you results within a month.

    I hope this guide will help you better understand any SEO agency or expert in London that you will choose.

    You don’t have to ask all the questions. However, you can understand by asking a few questions to discuss with any SEO agency or expert.

    A good SEO agency can make your business 10 figures better.

    Right SEO Agency in London

    I’d highly recommend you to go with BestSEO4u Digital Agency for advanced SEO services local or global now! Ask to Get a FREE SEO Audit and Quote for your website now!

    If you are a blogger or start-up owner, you should do DIY SEO; reach out to me for Free SEO 1 hour consulting today!

    If you have any more questions on choosing the right professional SEO consultant in London for your website, you can ask me below through the comment now.

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