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9 Reasons to Hire an SEO Consultant for Startup Business in London

To find and hire the best SEO consultant in London or best UK SEO expert, you’ll need to follow the same strategy to identify the right person to conduct a successful SEO campaign.

Have you recently start your business online in London? Or did you already have a website, but you are not getting enough organic traffic to increase your sales?

Why don’t you think about an SEO consultant in London yet?

Building a website is easy, but marketing is hard nowadays. Search engine optimisation is the heart of the business that grows naturally.

In this post, I’m going to talk about the ultimate reason why every business needs the right SEO consultant.

Let’s get started!

1. Primary Source of Traffic is Organic Search Result:

organic search results

SEO is the primary source of free traffic from an organic search result in the long-term; you don’t need to spend more money, such as PPC (Google ad words campaign).

So the question is coming, how you can boost your SEO ranking on Google that drives organic traffic to your website.

Please have a look below the list:

Optimise Naturally, Only for Readers –

optimise for readers

You always need to think about your reader first, not for search engines.

Before writing your content, you must clear who is your targeting audience and find out what is the problem they are facing, which you need to solve by your content.

I have noticed that most of the top authority websites or blogs are producing educational content for their audience.

target your customers

Educational content naturally improves your SEO.

But don’t confuse your targeting audience that you are going help through your content and optimise that content with the right terms.

Updating Your Blog regularly –

Update your blog

Updating your blog is the key to getting an organic visitor.

Content should be the focus on personas, good quality, and well-optimised with targeted keywords.

Never use less quality, spammy content.

Engage with Your Audience:

engage your audience

Your blog comment and social media channel is the best way to engage with your targeted audience.

You can directly connect, give them your opinion, your suggestion, or any solution in real-time.

I’d highly suggest you go to Quora and find the list of the problem that is facing your audience and give them a solution through your product or services.

For example, image:

Answer question on Quora

If you like to engage with your targeted audiences, so Quora is the best place to go.

Keep your audience engaged consistently in this way; you can increase your website branding and traffic.

Don’t forget long-tail keywords to use –

long tail keywords

To boost ranking by long-tail keywords is more comfortable than exact keywords.

Using long-tail keywords is the main secret to getting a quick ranking on google search to get a good number of organic traffic.

I’ve worked with many clients in the past and have been noticing that they are always trying to choose high search volume keywords based on the number of searches, but it is not good to go if a website has a low authority or new website.

Therefore, I always recommend going for longtail keywords.

Pay Attention to your meta Tags –

How to write meta Descriptions

Meta keywords

You should optimise your meta title, meta description for all of your website pages with the targeted keywords.

Keep unique for each page you optimise.

A good optimise meta tag will help you to improve SEO ranking along with organic boost traffic.

To update your meta tags, you don’t need any developer you can do it by yourself. It is effortless.

Always focus on creating quality content –

Create quality content

Google is hungry for Quality content.

High quality and relevant content is the king to boost google ranking along with increase tons of visitors.

Content should be research-based, keywords optimised.

Optimise Your Content By internal links:

optimise internal links

You can boost your search engine ranking by optimising your content with internal linking.

To adding interlinks, you should follow the page relevance and recent popular post.

Encourage incoming links Google always trusts the inbound links specific from a high authority website.

The more incoming links you will build so your chances of SEO ranking will be high.

See, this below the guide shared by Moz:

Internal Links SEO

But this is most important that you should keep in mind if you build a spammy or low reputed website that can damage your SEO.

Use social media:

Social Media

Now, this social media is a great platform to promote your website product or services, but you need to build a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

So, use social media properly to boost your traffic naturally, or you can run paid ads over based on your targeted market.

2. Builds Trust & Credibility with SEO:

build trust with SEO

The question is coming how you can build trust with SEO for your website?

There are many factors for gaining Google’s trust for a website, and if your site gets noticed as a trustful so that it will be easier to be ranked higher on a specific search.

To building trust and credibility with SEO, you need to make on-page, and off-page proper optimise.

But the most important is coming to gain Google trust, which is high-quality content that needs to produce from your website.

Look at it here:

Google Ranking Algorithm

Google is considering 200 ranking factors, and if you follow all these metrics, so your chances to make your website trustable and authority on the web.

3. SEO Can Build Great User Experience:

SEO for User Experience

Google is now focusing on good user experience for better ranking in SEO.

An excellent SEO Consultant knows well the right SEO tactic used to build a great user experience.

You don’t need to be a UX expert or best SEO expert to build a better user experience; all you have to do is to focus on your SEO efforts in the right way.

Here’s the list of the best SEO and UX practices:

Keyword research:

Keyword research is the starting point for any online marketing. The recommended FREE keyword research tool is Google keyword planner, and the best premium keyword research tool is SEMrush.

Searcher Language:

You need to find out the targeted audience market and know your audience’s language.

Searcher Intent:

User intent is a highly significant step that you should follow or think before selecting any keyword for your SEO.

For example, one person is searching for a “Website audit.”

He might be looking for an SEO company or an SEO expert to do the website audit, and another person is searching for a tips guide to learn which will help to do the check himself.

Therefore, the user intent is coming first when you want to choose your keywords.

Title Tags:

If your website on google first page and get a low click-through rate, which is not good at all.

So it would help if you did not optimise for only ranking, it’s about getting a good number of CTR.

You must Optimization the title tag with minimal space, which is 70 characters only.

You have to mention that searcher Intent keyword and provide relevant information that gets the searcher to click.


The URL of the page should include the search keyword. It’s an added value to the user to get the relevant result.

It’s also an SEO ranking factor for that search term.

Meta description:

The meta description is coming after URL and Title tags.

A meta description is a place that you can explain a little bit title tag message that gets more attention the searchers to click.

You will get 300 characters to include your essential information.

Content Optimization:

If you want to build a good user experience, you must fulfil the searcher need.

You always need to keep your content should be focusing on a single need and give them more depth relevant information about the topic.

You every page content must have a primary goal, and you can make your call to action if the product or services can solve the searcher problem.

Website Speed:

Website speed is essential for user experience and SEO point of view.

If a searcher visits your website and it’s taking longer to open, so bounce rate will increase.

It can damage your SEO and UX.

You can check website speed now with PINGDOM.

Please do the simple steps like below:


Pingdom Website Speed Test


pingdom load time


Pingdom Speed Score

Every user is very impatient, and for that, you should keep your website speed fast.

4. Increased Traffic & Conversions with Local SEO:

Local SEO

Local SEO is an essential marketing tactic for small businesses that should not ignore.

International SEO is focusing on global ranking and national SEO, focusing on across the country.

But the local SEO is done for a specific location ranking.

If you optimise your website with local SEO, that means you are getting more website traffic, leads, and conversion based on your local customers.

Now the question is coming in your mind that how can do your local SEO successful?

Yes, that I’m going to share the top ways to improve your local SEO that helps traffic and conversion.

Create Your Google My Business Page First:

To getting started with Google My Business, you should claim your business here.

It’s free to create, and your business will be showing on Google Maps.

Please have a look at the image below:

Google My Business

To setup google my business, you need to follow:

  • Verify your business listing
  • Share up-to-date information
  • Input your logo, hours of operation, payment method, the product and services, and list of images of your business.
  • You should encourage the customers to get a review on Google My Business Page.

Build More Reviews from Your Happy Customer:

Building your customer’s review for your business not only helps to gain Google trust, but it’ll also encourage more your customers to buy from you.

After Google My Business Page listing, you should list other top local business directories such as Yell, Yelp, etc.

Example listing on local business directory:

Local business directory

You can take advantage of top online business directories also, such as Foursquare, MapQuest, and Yell pages.

If your business listing on more citation websites so this will help you to boost your local SEO and visibility on those directories as well.

Create a Dedicated Webpage for Your Product and Services:

create web page

You need to think like your customers.

Including all your products and services on the same page is tempting for your customers.

I would highly recommend you to create a dedicated page for each product and service you provide.

At last, I’d say that local SEO is more important than ever, and a good SEO consultant in London knows very well how to improve this aspect.

5. SEO Is a True Business Investment:

Are you thinking about investing in SEO?

But don’t know that is it the right investment or just expenses?

Why is SEO a real investment for any business?

SEO Investment

SEO won’t let you down if you focus right way as a long term strategy.

It’s the most important marketing tactics that should not be ignored by any business owner.

Here’s the fundamental reason why you should invest in SEO for your business:

  • SEO can give you long-lasting results.
  • SEO is right for impressive ROI.
  • Keep in mind that organic search is the primary source of traffic.
  • SEO is cheaper than other paid marketing.
  • SEO can make your business trust and credibility.
  • The right content can push your audience to your funnel.
  • You can boost more traffic, leads, and sales with local SEO.
  • You will find new opportunities from SEO.

I’d you ask me, what is the importance of SEO for small businesses?

Then, I’d highly recommend you to go with SEO investment if you’re serious about your business growth.

6. SEO Can Make A Long-Term Strategy:

SEO long-term strategy

If you want to get long term organic traffic, so you need to consider SEO for your business.

SEO is the right marketing campaign for any business that wants to make a long term successful business.

I hope you are struggling to find what are strategies that you should use for your SEO.


Yes, it’s a significant confusion for SEO because there is 200 google ranking factor and if you are not an SEO London expert so it’ll be more difficult for you to know or implement the white hat strategy rather than black hat SEO.

Don’t go for a quick SEO ranking game.

Some agencies might be using these black hat SEO techniques that can damage your SEO in the future by Google penalty.

Want to know more about SEO white hat and black hat strategy?

Go here now!

I have recently shared a guide, how to choose the right SEO agency if you are in London.

I would highly recommend you to read this post.

Please look at the list of long term SEO tactics which is the best for your brand.

Many strategies can help your business for long term SEO results, but these strategies are the best and long-lasting for any company you run.

7. SEO Can Bring New Opportunities for Your Business:

SEO bring new opportunities

Yes, it’s true that if you run high-quality SEO, so it will bring or discovering new opportunities for your brand.

A good brand is aware that more opportunities will arise to helping it thrive.

8. If Your Site Is Not on Page 1, Then Not Winning the Click:

Be first on Google

If your website is not on Google 1st page, so you are losing the organic traffic.

A recent study says that the top 3 organic ranking webpage gets in nearly 40% of all click-through rates.

It would help if you targeted a straightforward thing that is your website needs to be on the first page.

9. Best ROI’s in Advertising Is SEO:

SEO Return on Investment

I’d you are doing advanced SEO with the right SEO Consultant or agency you can expect a good ROI for your business.

SEO rewards your business in the long term, but you need to keep patience.

It’s not a strategy that can boost your organic traffic within a few weeks.

SEO is a long-term game, and it takes time.

If you want to get rewards from it, so run as a long term strategy.

Your business will be showing to your audience when they are looking for your product or services.

You don’t have to convince them because they need it.

SEO can generate valuable traffic that can convert to sales.

Conclusion About Why Startup Business Owner Needs SEO Consultant In London:

I hope this post helps you more If you’re a startup or any business owner.

Every business owner wants to promote their website but doesn’t know how to do the right way or don’t understand the value of SEO for their business online.

But it would help if you always did the white hat SEO techniques for your website.

I have recently published a post called “How to choose the right London SEO agency.”

You must look at the guide before hiring any Local SEO agency or an SEO expert in London.

I’d offer all my readers FREE SEO Consulting for an hour and a FREE SEO audit report for your website now!

You might ask me today! Click here to contact now!

If you think this post is helpful so, please share it with your social network, or if you have any questions on SEO, please comment below.

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