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Progressive Web Apps

Eight Reasons Why Startups Should Invest in PWAs

Mobile internet is gaining more users worldwide compared with desktops as more and more people are gaining access to mobile devices. Therefore businesses are now shifting to a ‘mobile-first approach to reaching audiences worldwide.

PWAs is a hybrid website that integrates the features of native apps to give users a fantastic user experience.

Some of the Progressive Web App’s characteristics include:

  • Progressiveness (works for all types of users irrespective of their device types and browsers used)
  • Responsiveness
  • Automatic refresh
  • Universality of usage
  • App-like features
  • Installable (without downloading it to your device)
  • Linkable and shareable by copying its URL
  • Fast connectivity speed

Most startup businesses use the Progressive Web App to entice customers with loyalty point rewards and special offers and make it easy to place orders without downloading and launching an app.

PWA has proven effective in reaching a larger audience and ensuring increases in converting leads to revenue. As a result, some of the biggest brands rely on PWA today.

AliExpress had a 104% conversion rate of audiences through its PWA, with users visiting twice more pages as they would on native apps. And an overall 74% increase in time spent browsing sessions using browsers.

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Forbes Magazine experienced a 100% increase in engagement and a 43% increase in sessions when it converted to a PWA.

Jumia, a leading online retail store in Africa, experienced a twelve times increase in mobile users and a 50% reduction in bounce rate.

Flipboard had a record 75% increase in its user base in the first month it launched its PWA.

Startups can use Progressive Web Apps to give their customers an excellent user experience (UX) while marketing their products and services.

Given the above stats on PWA, here are the eight best reasons you should invest in PWA:

1. PWA helps your business reach out to a broader audience base

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PWA helps your business reach a larger audience across multiple devices. Individuals can access your business portfolio and services from across several devices.

Besides, PWA’s online and offline features and compatibility with several devices make it possible for your business to reach larger audiences worldwide.

2. Users do not need to download and install a native app from the app store

Unlike native apps that require a download from the app store, which also takes up valuable storage space on your devices, users do not have to download PWA before accessing your business services.

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Studies show that 25% of mobile app users delete apps from their mobile devices to free up space. PWA does not take up space on users’ mobile devices.

Although PWA works like native apps, users can access PWA via their web browsers without going through the stress of searching and downloading their business app from the app store.

3. PWA takes away the stress of updating native apps

Unlike native apps that require constant updates to fix bugs and security issues, users do not have to download updates for your business PWA.

Since PWAs are web-based, users do not have to worry about downloading the latest version of their favourite applications.

4. PWA consumes far less amount of data and works offline

More than 60% of the world population lives in areas with weak internet connectivity and still access the internet via 2G technologies.

PWAs are designed to function maximally in areas with poor or no internet, even when the user is offline.

Hence, your business can reach individuals in regions with poor internet connectivity.

5. Lesser friction accessing PWA and more flexibility

Users must search through the Play Store to download an app and grant app permission before installing it.

When using a PWA, a user needs to find your website using a search engine without downloading and granting the app permission. Also, users enjoy a similar experience compared to using a native app.

Progressive web app users can save PWA shortcuts on their home screen and access them anytime. Therefore eliminating the friction experienced by downloading a native app from the app store.

6. Improved performance and faster upload speed

Progressive web apps use the Fetch APIs and Cache for faster loading time. Find out how you stack up to new industry benchmarks for mobile page speed.

Therefore, startups can embrace the faster loading speed advantage by utilising PWAs. Besides, PWAs are faster than native apps.

7. User engagement

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Studies show that users spend more time on native apps, but mobile sites record more visitors than native apps.

Using PWA helps to bridge the gap between the time spent on mobile apps by offering users the experience of using mobile apps.

Users enjoy a personalised experience with the use of PWA. For example, PWA offers users a fast loading speed from the home screen and pushes notifications like in native apps. And above all, offline functionalities for users in areas with weak network coverage.

8. Improved Security

With the modern trends in cybersecurity, more users are concerned about their safety online due to the emergence of shady mobile applications on official Play Store repositories.

Most websites are programmed based on HTTPS, which offers more security than HTTP.

PWA users are assured of a more secure internet environment knowing that PWA operates using a secure internet connection, guaranteeing the safety of information entered on a PWA.

A Final Thought

Mobile web growth surpasses native app usage irrespective of the native app’s usage time.

PWA takes advantage of the increasing use of mobile web over a desktop to reach out to three times the size of the audience native apps would reach out to and at a faster speed.

Just as the name implies, its progressive characteristics make PWAs the future of native apps and websites alike.

Hence, startup founders can tap into the potential of PWA to increase their customer base and revenue generation simultaneously.

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