What is SEO and why do we need it?

What is SEO

Search engine optimisation is not a trend, nor a reason for digital agencies to lure you in and take your money. If you’re wondering why does a website need SEO, here’s a simple way to convince yourself.

Perform a basic online search – for example for “content writing London”. How do you feel when looking at the first results to appear on the search page? Those first websites seem to be the most professional, strong, relevant, trustworthy ones. You get a GOOD feeling about them. Go further now, to the 5th results page, let’s say. You’ll find that there are countless other London businesses to offer content writing services. They seem to do exactly the same thing, but who gets to look at page #5?! Some of these may seem worthy, but their positioning points to failure, which can be extremely unfair at times.

Now imagine your own online business. Where would you want it to show up? Naturally, as close to the top of the first results page as possible. This is why you need SEO. Learn more about its importance below.

SEO is essential to marketing

Online, the two simply go hand in hand. SEO goes to the details of every page and content posted on a website, making it more visible to people who are using search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) and appropriate keywords to search for information, products and services that interest them. It tweaks links, descriptions, URLs, headers, etc. SEO can be downright confusing though. How many keywords should you be using? Which of those would be the most appropriate to use and how often? Are short or long tail keywords the best? Loads of questions arise, and only the most SEO-savvy can answer them. When done properly, SEO makes your site visible and competitive in its niche. It brings it forth to potential customers who are precisely interested in what it offers.

SEO helps you tune into user behaviour

Experts employ SEO to understand how users and customers use search engines, to identify patterns and use this knowledge to tailor an effective approach. When you know the current trends of online user behaviour, you can easily make predictions and come to meet their needs. It’s all about knowing how prospects behave and addressing their queries. It starts with identifying the keywords and key phrases people use when searching for specific goods or services online. Furthermore, through SEO you get in contact with them. The leads conversion rate is at 15%, which is higher than what other strategies yield. Plus, SEO works for 91% of businesses in terms of ROI.

Can online businesses be successful without SEO?

Without search engine optimisation, there is close to no chance to stand out. This is because every industry already has competitors in significant numbers. These have their places on the market, and any newcomer needs to carve a niche for themselves. You would need spectacular content in order to succeed or to invest very large amounts of money on promo campaigns to let the crowd know about your brand. SEO is the easiest, most affordable way to get visibility, though.

Great content is nothing without SEO

Sure, every expert tells you to create great content, and that will make you successful, but is it enough? Even the best posts out there cannot get views unless they’re visible. You need to let people know that you’re posting and that you have an online presence. You can do this by optimising your content for specific keywords or through other tactics, such as outreach link building. This way, you will get much higher organic traffic.

Why are SEO updates so important?

Good marketing means always updating your SEO strategy. This is important because search engines like Google are constantly striving to offer an improved service to their users. In other words, they’re trying hard to give them the most relevant, high-value results. To do this, search engines frequently update their algorithms, meaning they change the rules of the game (how they identify good content, how they match keywords with it and so on). Thus, websites are forced to keep up with these changes and update they strategies if they wish to be still relevant, visible and successful. Failing to make such updates means falling behind.

Below are the reasons why constant SEO efforts are so important:

  • SEO increases your number of visitors,
  • Makes you relevant to certain keywords and well-chosen queries,
  • Gets you a superior online positioning,
  • Increases your online reach,
  • Builds up a powerful brand,
  • Boosts your business revenue,
  • Gets your site found locally,
  • Is a long-term investment,
  • Is cheaper than other marketing tactics.

Good SEO has a very high rate of conversion. It can yield much more than ad campaigns, promotional offers etc.

How to make sure SEO keeps your website in the game?

This is where digital agencies with their SEO and online marketing specialists come into the picture. They know what your competitors have done and how the best websites succeed to stay on top. By spying the competition, they identify the methods that work and copy those. Good SEO involves thorough research and takes time. This research also involves getting to know your business really well. Specialists will make accurate and complete modifications to all the elements involved, many of these being often out of reach for the average user (such as the meta descriptions). They will customise the strategy to suit your business, its budget and goals. In addition, a digital agency may offer to create good content for you, to improve your rankings naturally. Content marketing usually goes hand in hand with SEO. Big brands invest thousands in it monthly. They can’t be wrong about it.

SEO specialists will track and measure progress

Apart from the advantages described above, SEO agency services are important also due to their ability to track changes and their results. They can measure clicks, traffic sources and numbers, user engagement and much more, then make fine tunings based on these results, refining the entire process. This helps them implement even better solutions the next time. Another important aspect is that they will help your website recover if it was ever hit by a Google penalty. This happens in a case of duplicate or stolen content, or when good SEO practices are not respected. To get it back on track, the experts will take the necessary steps to rebuilt your online credibility and help your site climb back to a good spot.

SEO is an ongoing effort, because of online competitiveness and the changing nature of search engine algorithms. There is no fixed price for it since you decide how much will be done. In the end, it’s crucial to remember that every online user behaves just like you when looking for a company, a service, etc.: they narrow down their search list to a few worthy businesses, based on relevant selection criteria such as popularity, positioning on the market, etc. With users behaving like this, you have to make it as close to the top as possible to earn their trust and turn them into customers.

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