Brand Exposure Made Easy: 4 Digital Marketing Tips

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Brand Exposure Strategy

All businesses need to have a focus on brand exposure. Ultimately, failing to focus on brand recognition can limit your ability to generate new profits and establish regular revenue streams. While many businesses look no further at their brand identity than their name and logo, your brand exposure strategy is a lot more complex than that and can work for you very effectively. It’s more than surface level details about your company: it’s about what your brand represents, what it values, and what its purpose is.

Aligning your brand to the needs and expectations of your customers means that you are promoting yourself in the right way, and reduces the need to be constantly trying to sell. Often brand exposure is used to encourage consumer migration, and without the proper branding and exposure strategy, you may find that your profits start to dwindle.

How to build your online presence

One of the big mistakes that marketers make is confusing brand exposure for brand awareness. When it comes to Brand awareness vs brand exposure, you need to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the difference. Often, the terms are used interchangeably, but that can be a mistake for your digital marketing strategy.

Brand Exposure: Sometimes referred to as brand recognition, your exposure is related to how the general public view your business. It’s about being recognisable, and that means having a strong company name, themed colour schemes, and a variety of visual elements that make up your core branding.

It even extends to the tone of voice that you use to communicate with your customers, whether that’s when interacting and engaging on social media when implementing social media marketing, or the way that you write or film your website content.

Ideally, you want your brand exposure to reflect the same nature of your business and product. Doing so will make it easier for customers to think of you specifically when they intend to buy whatever you sell. Consistency is a vital component of your brand exposure strategy.

Brand Awareness: This is about the way that you build connections with your audience. You need to establish not just who you are, but why a customer should use you. The importance of brand awareness is that it helps to ensure that potential customers are instantly sure about what your company does and why you are the best option.

brand awareness

The key to better brand awareness is ensuring that you highlight your unique selling points and identifying the key reasons that you will drive clients to your physical or online store. Of course, a significant aspect of your brand awareness is cultivating and maintaining a positive reputation.

Unfortunately, sometimes your brand will be mentioned online in a less than favourable light. Reputation management is a critical service in this instance.

Ultimately, brand exposure and brand awareness often go hand in hand, and no brand exposure strategy will be complete without a focus on brand awareness.

Brand Recognition Made Easy

In the digital age, it’s easier than ever to work on improving your brand recognition strategy. Here are some of the best digital marketing tips for 2019, and you should be incorporating at least one of these into your marketing plan.

1 – Influencers: While there are risks to making use of social media influencers, they can be very beneficial for the right business model. Restaurants and hotels, in particular, have seen huge benefits from the rise of the social media influencer.

However, not every business model is suited to this form of marketing, and if it doesn’t suit your brand, then you should avoid it. If you do use influencers, know the pros and cons before rushing into ineffective relationships.

2 – Packaging: Branded packaging looks good and makes the recipient feel more like they are getting a gift. If you send out your products in a plain box, then you’re missing out on the chance to extend the customer experience.

You might think that the first stage of your customer’s interaction with your product is the first time that they use it, but the fact is that they will see your packaging before anything else. It can help to make a more emotional connection immediately, and that’s great for both brand recognition and future brand awareness.

3 – Featured Snippets: This is fast becoming one of the most valuable tools at the marketer’s disposal, and can work wonders for your brand exposure. Featured snippets can be seen in a large number of Google Search Result Pages, and often take the form of lists or video content.

While becoming a featured snippet may not have a positive impact on your CTR, it can increase brand exposure and awareness very positively. Of course, you will need to prioritise snippet-optimised content marketing and have an evident understanding of your single and long-tailed keywords but featured snippets are becoming vital for brands that are looking for more direct exposure.

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Brand Identity Examples

One of the best ways to develop an improved brand exposure strategy is to look at how large companies have done theirs. There are some fantastic examples of brand exposure done right, with these two big brands perfectly showing how they used experiential methods rather than the hard sell to improve their exposure. While you may not have the budget to emulate these strategies, they may be the inspiration that you need to focus your brand exposure strategy:

  • Lean Cuisine: Experiential marketing means using indirect methods to reinforce your brand image. Lean Cuisine did this with their #WeighThis campaign. They built a wall of scales in New York’s Grand Central Station and invited members of the public to write down messages to the world on a blackboard in the shape of a scale. The key to the success of this strategy was they weren’t trying to sell anything. That means that the brand was left with positive exposure to a broad audience that shared the images on their social media pages.
  • Red Bull: Often considered one of the kings of brand exposure, Red Bull took things to an entirely new level when they partnered with skydiver Felix Baumgartner. When he jumped from a record-breaking 128,000 ft, the footage of the leap went extremely viral, and that helped to generate an enormous amount of online buzz about the event and Red Bull’s involvement with it. Again, by not focusing on selling, Red Bull entered the collective consciousness and secured their winning place in the energy drink market.

The biggest threat to any business is staying in the shadows. If consumers have no idea who you are, or even that you exist, then they will find it much more difficult to find you when they need you.

Focus on your brand exposure, and you can develop very profitable trust and attention from your target demographic. If you are not focusing on brand exposure, then it might be time to start looking into the best ways to improve how the world sees you.

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