Content Marketing Strategy Mistakes and effective Solutions

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7 Content Marketing Strategy Mistakes You’re Making and Their Solutions

Bill Gates once said that content is king. Indeed, quality content empowers you to have and exercise online dominion. However, its ability to do so depends on how well you strategise its marketing. Your content marketing strategy will determine whether your content will succeed in giving you a competitive advantage or not.

In this post, I will disclose the seven most lethal content marketing strategy mistakes you’re making and their solutions. So, I welcome you to be my special guest as I reveal these blunders.

Content Marketing Strategy Mistake Number One: Poor Optimisation

The optimisation is one of the fatal strategy mistakes many content marketing marketers make. They write and splash content without optimising it for their readers and search engines. For example, they forget or ignore to draft unique meta titles and descriptions for their various pieces of information. They also fail to optimise their images and CTA (calls-to-action) to achieve higher visibility in SERPs and sharing on the social media.


  • Optimise all your content for your readers and search engines.
  • Use high-conversion CTAs.
  • Optimise all images.
  • Write unique meta descriptions and titles.

Content Marketing Strategy Mistake Number Two: Failing to Keep It Green

Failing to write evergreen content is another blunder that will short-circuit your content marketing strategy. When writing information to engage and convert your audience, don’t forget to factor in this component. Otherwise, your content will lack long-term relevance and impact. Many marketing strategists usually assume they can create a lasting buzz by capitalising on daily news cycles and viral topics while ignoring the long-term aspect.


  • Research evergreen topics using relevant keywords.
  • Balance between your current traffic needs and long-term relevance and impact.
  • Make your evergreen contents as detailed, actionable, and comprehensive as possible.

Content Marketing Strategy Mistake Number Three: Publishing Without a Schedule

Initially, I told you that content is king. However, some content marketing strategists shortchange their efforts by failing to adhere to a defined schedule. They forget that having the right information to share is not enough. This mistake often makes them ignore the fact that their readers are habitual creatures. For example, they prefer getting what they need as per defined timelines. Consequently, these marketers publish information without a defined weekly, fortnight, or monthly calendar.

In turn, this blunder produces inconsistencies, doubts, and uncertainty in their readers’ minds. For example, they might provide part two of a monthly series and fail to publish part three the following month. Results? Eager readers waiting to read subsequent editions feel cheated or inconvenienced. Consequently, they lose confidence and resort to competitors who offer the same value consistently.


  • If you are too busy to maintain a consistent publishing schedule, delegate some of your duties to get enough time to publish consistently. Alternatively, delegate the entire publishing job.
  • Understand that people are habitual, and hence, they like operating with reliability and consistency.
  • Define and stick to a publishing schedule.

Content Marketing Strategy Mistake Number Four: Reaching the Head While Forgetting the Heart

Does this really sound like a content marketing strategy mistake? Of course, yes. Many naïve marketers forget the heart side of their human audience. They assume that since we live in an “information age,” the heart is not essential. Moreover, they expect their content marketing strategies will achieve the best results by appealing to the head only. However, this assumption is suicidal because all people still make emotional and heart-based decisions.

For example, any sensitive and mature marketer knows that the human race has undergone a severe emotional battering in the last 50 years. Hence, people are not just looking for informative content. Instead, they are also seeking transformative information that will facilitate healing. Therefore, forgetting the art of selling to the heart could be a time bomb in your marketing campaigns.


  • Tailor your content to have both an informative angle that informs the head and a transformative edge that cuts through the heart.
  • Sharpen your emotional intelligence and understand how best you can reach the human emotion without sounding pushy, exploitative, or salesh.

Content Marketing Strategy Mistake Number Five: Placing Competitors Above Opportunities

It’s good to understand and counter your competitors’ activities. However, it is better and smarter to innovate and offer what they are not offering! If your content marketing strategy lacks this instinct, you will continue chasing shadows. Remember, countering the competition makes you survive while outdoing it by identifying gaps, needs, and opportunities in the market and innovating to fill them makes you a leader!


  • Focus on filling gaps and capturing opportunities through innovation instead of competitor activities.
  • Remember, innovation and customer satisfaction are the best ways of competing.

Content Marketing Strategy Mistake Number Six: Poor Measurement

Failing to measure content marketing efforts is another mistake that destroys many marketing campaigns. If you formulate a content marketing strategy without an effective system to measure its results, you are setting up yourself for failure. Consequently, you will waste your time, money, and efforts. Otherwise, how will you know if your plan will work and to what extent? How will you know the shortcomings and fix them in the future unless you measure things?


  • Include proper systems in your marketing plan to track all your efforts to know whether they deserve your time and money or not.

Content Marketing Strategy Mistake Number Seven: Zero or Insufficient CTAs

Lastly, your content marketing strategy will fail if you don’t include clear and well-thought CTAs. Otherwise, why are you stepping out in the first place? What do you expect your readers to do after interacting with your information? If your marketing plan lacks this component, it means you either don’t know the results you want or are not sure that your efforts will achieve them. Hence, you aren’t confident or careful enough to tell your readers what you expect them to do with your content.


  • Predetermine the effect you want every piece of information in your marketing plan to achieve.

Closing Remarks

You are now abreast with the seven deadly sins you have been committing in your content marketing strategies. I hope henceforth you will avoid the seven mistakes like the plague and optimise your future marketing campaigns.

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