Facebook Marketing Strategy: 7 Killer Mistakes to avoid

Facebook marketing strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy: 7 Killer Mistakes Aborting Your Efforts

You have good intentions to optimise Facebook’s potential to improve your business; that’s great. Moreover, you have drafted a Facebook marketing strategy to drive more traffic and profits to your business; and that is wonderful. However, your marketing plan is not delivering satisfactory results, although you don’t know why. If you are in this position, then I will reveal the seven most deadly mistakes are turning your strategy into a tragedy.

As our discussion unfolds, I will disclose these blunders to enable you to adjust your marketing plan. Remain my guest to discover more and succeed with your Facebook advertising.

Failing to Balance Short-Form Videos With Other Types of Content

It’s true that short-form videos are gaining monumental popularity among companies across all social media platforms. However, failing to balance them with other content forms in your Facebook marketing strategy can backfire. Most businesses are shortchanging their Facebook marketing strategies by failing to use them to complement their other content forms. Instead, they are replacing them, thus leading to unforeseen failure.

Two years ago, many big brands fell into this trap. For instance, MTV and Vice Media fired their writers and replaced their text messages with short videos. How far did the hype go? It was just a matter of time that companies, for example, Mic, started losing millions of users because of this blunder. Moreover, publishers who got sucked into the craze were shocked when they discovered they had a minimum of 60% drop in their website traffic several months after embracing the hyped “stragedy!”

Inversely, studies show that video is not the best way to boost your Facebook user engagement. For example, one of them studied 43 million Facebook posts and revealed that images outperform videos on Facebook. So, use good judgment to know where, when, and how best these videos fit into your plan.

Creating Facebook Marketing Strategy Without Creativity

Have you been creating marketing plans, but they are not yielding satisfactory results? Then your creation lacks creativity. Don’t just create campaigns without savouring them with creativity. Remember, studies reveal that 74% of users complain that they are already tired of excess ads. So, how different are your ads? If you can’t answer this question objectively, then your marketing plan will most likely backfire. Therefore, pool together and harness all the talent around you to facilitate creativity. This demands you get designers, copywriters, and social media/digital managers to brainstorm. Consequently, you will be better placed to get the healthiest and freshest ideas for success.

Failing to Do a Big-Picture Reality Check

All your Facebook marketing campaigns will cost you money, time, and energy. Hence, you should do an all-around reality check before launching. Unfortunately, some marketers fail to blend clear goals with clear profits paths.

  • Forgetting to ask these fundamental questions will kill your Facebook marketing plan
  • What is my brand’s objective on Facebook?
  • Which key performance indicators will I use to monitor performance?
  • How will I monitor ROI for Facebook?

Failing to Test and Learn Before Spending Money on Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Do you have big goals for your Facebook marketing campaign? Then be careful lest you plunge yourself into a ditch by trusting without testing. In business, it’s always safer and wiser to trust what has been tested. If you can’t test it, then don’t trust it; full stop! Therefore, it is prudent to test your campaign using tweets or blogs before betting your big money on it. Caution: don’t do something bigger if the smaller one is not producing satisfactory results.

Hiking on Fake Facebook Followers

Facebook depends on followers to succeed. This dependency, at times, drives some marketers and companies into the cheating game of buying fake followers. They assume that a larger audience size is proportional to an automatic increase in desired user engagement and activity. Be very careful before you jump on the “influencer” bandwagon or else the so-called influencer could actually turn into destructive “social influenza!” So, be cautious because even Facebook and its sister platform, Instagram have launched a war against fake followers.

Setting Marketing Goals That Don’t Address Your Biggest Challenges

Many businesses fail in their Facebook marketing because they set goals without prioritising their biggest immediate challenges in the market. This blunder makes them think that succeeding in their social media plans is an overnight sprint. Sadly, they fail to focus on what aches them the most. For instance, when they have poor user engagement that isn’t proportional to their Facebook following, they don’t seek the best ways of getting those followers to engage satisfactorily. They focus on growing their follower base while the current one is still dormant.

Failing to Optimize Your Facebook Page

Facebook is good for business if you use it well. However, some businesses fail to optimise their Facebook pages, yet, they expect to optimise the platform for their brands. They usually assume by merely creating a page and inviting their friends to like it, and they will succeed. However, the truth is that you need to optimise it for business so that it reflects a brand unless you are a popular brand like Messi or Serena Williams. However, an optimised page will boost your brand’s credibility and solidity. To do that, you need to take care of the following, or else your advertising strategy will flop.

  • Optimize your page for Facebook marketing strategy success with the following
  • Your physical address
  • Your full business/brand name
  • A URL that leads to your brand’s website
  • A business profile picture
  • Your cover image
  • Your business category, for instance, ICT, hospitality, or fashion

Final Thoughts on Facebook Marketing Strategy Mistakes

So far, can you see the deadly mistakes that have been turning your Facebook marketing strategy into a tragedy? I believe your eyes are open to see where you have been erring. If you have been on this erring path, don’t condemn yourself because this post isn’t an indictment. Instead, it is a timely remedy for the lethal blunders that have been killing your Facebook marketing efforts. So, avoid them to get the most ROI from your Facebook marketing campaigns.

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