Learn what SEO is in order to get more online visibility

what SEO is

The acronym of SEO comes from Search Engine Optimization. SEO is all the efforts made in order to push certain websites and pages to the top of the search engine rankings. SEO is one of the areas underlying search engine operation.

Herein you’ll find what SEO stands for and what types of SEO are available:

  • Internal SEO (on-page)

You’ll find all the efforts you make inside your site here, allowing you total control over internal optimisation.

Internal SEO optimisation involves the strategic placement of keywords within a page.

  • Out-of-page SEO

All optimisation efforts on external sites in order to increase your page rankings in Google fall into the external SEO category. Here things get more complicated, considering that you have maximum control over your website. On other sites, you have no control at all. So you must put all your best efforts into persuading others to optimise your site.

Not all SEO techniques are ethical. Over time, many dirty tricks have been developed to manipulate the perception of search engines.

Let’s begin by presenting to you the standard SEO tactics:

White Hat SEO

In this category, we have ethical SEO techniques. These are the correct methods used by web admins to promote their sites:

  • Developing quality content

A quality page covers a topic in depth. Images, multimedia files etc., accompany it. All these increase the level of credibility.

  • building content based on chosen keywords

Relevance is a characteristic of the quality of an article. When you are looking for something, but the results are not quite what you’re looking for, then that content is irrelevant. Therefore, your keywords must match the content of your website.

  • building links using ethical methods

The links you build come from quality websites and are built using standard methods.

  • internal page optimisation

One of the White Hat SEO strategies involves internal optimisation, meaning the pages are thoroughly optimised using a specific search term.

  • content is created specifically for visitors

All content is addressed to visitors, and it is designed to meet the requirements of certain types of visitors.

White Hat SEO tactics are the most effective in the long run. They comply with Google’s rules.

White Hat SEO Strategy

  • correct keyword analysis;
  • building all content based on keywords;
  • developing quality content;
  • guest post;
  • skyscraper technique – one of the most powerful SEO strategies;
  • the moving man method;
  • link submission.

Black Hat SEO

Illegal ways to optimise a site

Here we are talking about techniques that manipulate search engine results. Those who choose to use dirty optimisation methods want to change the perception of search engines regarding their results.

The most popular Black Hat SEO techniques are:

  • spreading the page with keywords – a method very often used in the past, but you risk being penalised nowadays. Having a keyword page implies having a keyword density of nearly 5%, and for a visitor, a text like that would be impossible to read;
  • mass production of poor quality content- a Black Hat technique is to create many pages of poor quality;
  • invisible text for the visitors;
  • links from suspicious sources -all links are irrelevant;
  • content irrelevant to the keywords – a viral strategy is to build content and rank for different keywords or create a page that has nothing to do with a specific keyword.
  • buying links – it’s fashion to purchase links on other sites;
  • using software that automatically generates links. Software that automatically creates links has been invented. They automatically make comments on hundreds of other blogs. Many of these links are no-follow, but these techniques also aim to earn do-follow links.
  • duplicate contentGoogle is struggling with duplicate content

Duplicate Content 

  • commenting on blogs – a very old strategy many people use is spamming blogs with comments.
  • Black Hat SEO Strategies:
    • link wheel. Assume you have a blog on all free platforms. Then write on each one an article and link it to your website. Of course, it’s risky to try.

    We discourage any Black Hat SEO effort. It only works for a short period. After that, your pages will drop like a stone into the ocean in the Google rankings. Google has become more intelligent and will be more and more selective in the future. Thereby, it’s useless to try to fool a search engine.

    How can Black Hat SEO techniques affect you?

    You can lose all your work. Your site will no longer receive any traffic from Google. In the worst-case scenario, you will end up on Google’s blacklist. And your only solution will be to start over again and get another domain name. In conclusion, by doing so, you’ll only lose time and money.

    • Gray Hat SEO

    Did you think there was no middle way? Well, there it is, the Gray Hat SEO. It’s a combination of the Black Hat and White Hat SEO.

    Gray Hat SEO is not as dangerous as Black Hat SEO. In any case, it contains strategies that are just not ethical. Therefore, do not confine yourself to these strategies. Implementing for your website only White Hat SEO techniques is the best solution in the long run. Your site will remain unwavering if you use the right methods.

    Google Blacklist

    Learn what SEO is all about in order to be able to promote your site online!

    Maybe you ask yourself: why do I need to learn about this? And the answer is that SEO can help you in many ways:

    • you can bring free organic traffic. Why pay for traffic if you can get it for free? Instead of investing money in this area, you will spend time and develop a range of promoting skills that will always help you.
    • you can promote yourself in the online environment. It’s clear to everyone that advertising is a part of the sales process. Without advertising for any company, selling its products would be significantly challenging. Big companies invest a lot of money in advertising because potential customers need to know about their business. This principle is similar on the Internet.

    The main processes performed by an SEO expert

    What exactly does a site owner use to promote itself using SEO? An SEO specialist makes five primary operations.

    1) keyword analysis or “keyword research”. Why do you need keyword research? Because the SEO process begins by using words. These are words typed by Internet users in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

    2) building content based on the keyword found. It’s a White Hat SEO skill used by experts to create relevant content. It matters a lot because it reduces the bounce rate.

    3) internal page optimisation. An SEO specialist will internally optimise a page. This optimisation is achieved by strategically positioning the search term in different places.

    4) technical SEO. Here it matters how “healthy” your site is. How fast does a page load? Are your pages load on mobile devices? Here we delve into the pure SEO technique. In 2017, loading a page in less than 3 seconds was ideal because people don’t have the patience to wait longer for a site to load.

    5) link building

    Any SEO expert has their own strategies for obtaining external links. Links need to be relevant and come from authoritative sites. You will improve your Google rankings when you get the right links. Links help you increase the authority of the page. Moreover, they also help you improve your site domain authority.

    These are the most powerful ways to bring traffic to a site. Another advantage is that traffic coming through optimisation is constant.

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